Cartoon designed by Juan Navarro

Cartoon designed by Juan Navarro

The very naughty Cone Fairy has done it again. Last night she mischievously placed 7 orange traffic cones down the center of NE 76 Street in an attempt to calm traffic to protect children, parents with strollers, cyclists and pets from speeding drivers.

For the past 5 months my neighbors and I have been trying to get the city and county to do something about the reckless drivers that come barreling down our street everyday. Unfortunately, true to form, neither the county nor city has acknowledged that the fundamental problem with this road, as with the majority of our streets in South Florida, is the actual design of our roads that encourages speeding. It shouldn’t take five months to find a solution to this problem; this isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little common sense.

Operation Belle Meade Storm: To liberate Belle Meade residents from the oppression of speeding cars

Operation Belle Meade Storm: To liberate Belle Meade residents from the oppression of speeding cars

Last I heard, the only thing the county is willing to do  is add a crosswalk and erect one of these signs on 76th Street.

A crosswalk and this sign is the best the County can do calm traffic.

A crosswalk and this sign is the best the County can do calm traffic.

This silly sign won’t do anything to calm traffic. If this is the only solution the county can come up with, I have a feeling we may see a whole lot more of the very sassy and sexy Cone Fairy. It’s worth mentioning that all of Transit Miami’s recommendations to calm traffic on this street have been rebuffed by the county. In the meantime, cars continue to speed down my street and it’s just a matter of time before someone is struck by a speeding car.


By the way- we don’t know the true identity of the Cone Fairy and we cannot condone this type of behavior. So remember…





5 Responses to Cone Fairy Unleashes Traffic Calming Offensive Upon Belle Meade

  1. Publicize! says:

    Word of advice. Politely publicize the cone fairy efforts to the local media and send a polite public letter to the DOT, citing earlier efforts to do this through more legitimate means. A good example of this type of action was done successfully in Seattle:


  2. LG says:

    In my neighborhood, we’re also taking it grassroots. We’re considering purchasing the signs that say “Drive like your kids live here” There are yard signs as well as signs that go right under the stop sign. I’ve seen a couple of them in the Roads. Last March a pedestrian (FIU student) was hit (hit and run) and died as a result of a speeding car. The county is studying more traffic circles!!


  3. Jenny Block says:

    Felipe, you are the hero of Belle Meade and I think you should run for HOA. We need sensible people like you who protect the kids and pets from speeders! Keep placing those cones!


  4. Brooke says:

    Good luck getting any traffic calming measures implemented on your street! Miami-Dade Public Works has a method for evaluating these requests that they proudly label as “objective”. Even if your street meets the ridiculous requirements to be considered (over 1,500 vehicles per day on a residential local street) for traffic calming, Public Works can still deny it.


  5. Buy more yellow cones says:

    Wonderful. Neighbors taking action.
    People should buy or acquire more cones
    so there is always a ready supply.


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