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 We just received some excellent news from a Transit Miami sleeper cell from deep within the FDOT machine. Apparently, going forward, FDOT will integrate a new “complete streets policy” in all future projects.  Transit Miami’s anonymous FDOT source had this to say:

“FDOT will no longer design streets that encourage speeding. We recognize that since no one else can hold us accountable, we will begin holding ourselves accountable for designing roads that have made Florida the deadliest state in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists”.

The senior FDOT official also had this to say…

“No longer will we treat pedestrians, cyclists, the disabled and parents with strollers like second-class citizens. From now on FDOT will design streets with all users in mind.  We won’t design streets for the sole purpose of moving cars as quickly as possible. FDOT’s mantra will no longer be “Level of Service”, but rather ‘Level of Safety”.

When pressed as to why FDOT has now decided to adopt a complete streets policy the senior FDOT official has this to say…

” It’s just common sense.  We should have had a complete streets policy 10 years ago. We have tasted the complete streets Kool-Aid and we understand that complete streets are good for people and for businesses.

Needless to say, we here at Transit Miami could not be happier.


5 Responses to FDOT Agrees to Adopt Complete Streets Policy

  1. Chris says:

    Ugh. You had me until Kool-Aid. You guys got me.


  2. maria says:

    Me too! This was too good to be true. Happy April Fools! You got me.


  3. Andres says:

    haha good one…


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  5. Mike Arias says:

    In reference to FDOT roadway entity recently adoting the Complete Streets Policy that I just read about at this time I would like to share the following information which coincidently I had just recently submitted to FDOT district 6 secretary Mr. Gus Pego and other FDOT members of his staff as well.

    There is no moral justification for any death in traffic.

    In every situation a person might fail the road system should not.

    A traffic engineer in the video puts the responsibility squarely on his own profession:

    Every crash with serious injuries or fatalities is something you need to look at and ask, what was wrong here? What should I have done, not the citizen, but what should I have done as a responsible and professional person in the system?

    In addition I as a public safety roadway advocate added the following wording :

    Besides the taxpayer cost factors involved anytime that a fatality occurs on a public roadway there is the potential loss of life of a friend, neighbor, family member, a tourists, etc that, cannot be compensated with any sums of settlement funds since the majority ( an estimated 40%) of the tragic fatalities and serious injuries currently on the public roadways in my estimation are preventable.

    Please note that, I as a public safety roadway advocate the loss of 1 life is 1 to many in my book and I am a realist and understand that not every motorists, bicyclist or pedestrian can be saved from sustaining serious or fatal injuries that are involved in a motor vehicle collision on a public roadway, especially anytime that, they are operating their vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle in a reckless, distracted or impaired condition, and not wearing safety belts, or helmets etc as well.

    However, at the same time lets not add to their injury or contribute to their fatality or serious injury which could be permanent due to the current and numerous safety deficiencies which unfortunately currently exist on the majority of the public roadways locally in Miami Dade, throughout the State, and the Nation as well since these are systemic issues.

    Lets be proactive to prevent rather than being reactive after the fact numerous injuries and or fatalites unfortunately occur on a public roadway (FDOT, MDX, FTE) before a potential safety defect issue is addressed and subsequently corrected.

    Another factor often overlooked is that, many of those motorists injured in motor vehicle related collisions unfortunately are either uninsured or are underinsured (in Miami Dade County and throughout the State as well) and subsequently their costly medical treatment costs has to be subsidized by the local property owners / taxpayers and by Jackson Memorial Hospital as well.

    I am sure that, they could allocate these current funds being utilized for other much needed uses or projects at their medical facilities.

    For the State of Florida this would represent an estimated 960 fatalities annually that could also be prevented or defered out of the 2398 which unfortunately occured in Fla for 2011 as well as thousands of collisions and serious injuries from occurring on the public roadways.

    The only way to effect change in society is to get involved and contact your elected officials in writing ( to properly document an issue) and (do periodic follow ups as well with them in order to monitor the progress of the issue thru the bureaucracy or the lack there of.

    If they for whatever reason cannot assist you with your transportation, traffic, public safety roadway issues or other types of problems then remember them when reelection time comes around to simply VOTE for another candidate that will serve the best interests of their constituents.

    Thank you for your time.


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