The long awaited Purple Transit Line has finally come to Miami, significantly expanding the public’s access to critical hubs within the city. The completion of this line has been possible due to unprecedented collaboration and cooperation between community stakeholders and local and state government. Increasing public transit infrastructure is of vital concern to all in Miami for a multitude of reasons. Currently we sit at over 2.5 million in population and are expected to grow to a city of 2.7 million in just 8 short years; our streets are already over-burdened by cars, so efficient, reliable public transportation is a must.

Over the course of time, community leaders, citizen, and local business owners have made clear to the local and state governments the many reasons why increased public transportation is necessary. It will provide more equitable transportation opportunities, increased business activity via foot traffic, a reduction of our shared carbon footprint, and encouragement for a more active lifestyle amongst Miamians. Our hard work and persistence has paid off and we are pleased to launch the opening celebration for the Purple Line on March 8th and 9th at its first station, right under the overpass at NE 2nd Ave and 36th Street.

Join the celebration at the opening of the Purple Transit Line. Cafes, vendor stands, and all the businesses normally associated with transit stations will be open and ready for business; musicians, artists and other street performers will also be present. You will have the opportunity to learn more about what increased public transportation will do for you and our city. This transit line is but a first step in providing a forward thinking public transit system that puts Miami on the map as a truly modern, global city.


5 Responses to The Purple Line is Coming to Miami

  1. C says:

    Is this for real? it seems like if it was it would merit some text.


  2. Craig Chester says:

    This is a 2-day event taking place, put together by volunteers to make people think about transit and public space in Miami.

    Check out the coverage in the New Times. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/cultist/2013/01/draft_purple_line_bringing_pop.php


  3. Doh says:

    Zero info in the original post. You should go back and edit this so people can get more info about the event without having to scroll down to the comments section.


  4. j says:

    critical mass bikes have a message for cars



  5. Mike Moskos says:

    While you’re there, but sure to check out the privately-run bus line that runs along 2nd Avenue; I suspect most of the expansion in Miami’s transit system will come from companies like it.


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