Watch Commissioner and Chair of the County Finance Committee, Mr. Esteban Bovo, blame the lack of better public transportation options in Miami-Dade County on everything from the hot sun to immigrants who come to Miami because they crave the freedom of the open road (what!?!?), then segue into a discussion about the hundreds of millions being spent on highway expansion in MDC. Unreal. We can do better, Miami. This worldview belongs in the 1950’s and this chronic lack of vision is failing us all.
Prepare to get roasted Commissioner…. Let the comments begin. Feel free to send him an email too.


13 Responses to Commissioner and Chair of the County Finance Committee Esteban Bovo shows lack of vision when it comes to transit

  1. TransitDave says:

    I think you might be a little too hard on the commissioner, he sounds to me like he can be sold on why Miami’s leadership, which includes him, should be committed to expanding our Metro system. That’s the task of Trac, convincing decision makers like the commissioner. Not punishing them, or ridiculing them. After all, he has constituents whom he represents, what we might need are some of his constituents to help convince him……


  2. AnthonyVOP says:

    As an American I reject living my life by a timetable set by some nameless, bureaucrat who couldn’t hack it in the private sector.

    You want public transport? Great..You pay for it. Price Buses, Trollies and Metrorail so as to generate a profit to maintain itself and pay for it’s own expansion.
    Better yet…Privatize it. Open it up to the free market and enjoy it’s benefits.
    Then take the Tax dollars you forcible take from the productive and use to build more roads.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Dade county isn’t the only county in the Miami area and the city, meaning miami, is the place that gets the transit and public transportation. Of course there’s the commuter rail and suburban buses that are buses for the suburbs and train to get from the suburbs into the city and vice versa. But city trains, etc are for cities, Miami, Chicago, Boston, etc. Of course sometimes (maybe always) it’s good or okay for city transit to cross the bordering suburbs.

    But NO! City things in suburbs are HORRIBLE in suburbs and suburban things are HORRIBLE in cities.

    City comes first then suburbs. Miami urbanization, Miami public transportation, Miami green areas THEN get on the suburbs/beach towns/suburban beach towns.

    Honestly, the Miami public transportation should be like Chicagos. One entity for the entire metro area divided into three divisions, one covers the city, city train and buses, one covers the suburbs buses and another covers the suburbs commuter train. It’s STUPID how we have it where there are over four different entities. It’s bad for everyone.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Plus, the Chicago metro area has MORE than three counties, I think they have at least five, and Chicago and it’s metro area has one of the best urbanization, public transportation, PT usage, etc. So, if it works for them it will MOST DEFINITELY work for us.


  5. Adam Old says:

    I think the commissioner is talking about the fact that currently, in Miami-Dade, Transit doesn’t provide the same level mobility (or “Freedom”) that automobiles do, and he is right. While I doubt that anyone is fleeing Cuba just to enjoy the automobile traffic here, we should keep in mind that convenience is truly essential to transit, and that it is why people are willing to pay ~$10k/year more to own and operate a car in Miami-Dade.

    However, this is in large part caused by policies put in place and continually upheld by the Board of County Commissioners. To ignore the County Government’s role in auto-centric land-use planning, urban development boundary movements, rubber-stamping of highway- and arterial-widening projects, and failure to secure adequate funding for transit is disingenuous at best.

    If Commissioner Bovo is serious in his support for transit options in Miami-Dade County—and I believe he is—he should first acknowledge that the auto-dominated streets of Miami-Dade County are not fulfilling their promise. As each successive roadway-widening project subsidizes another round of unsustainable development in the exurbs, we set ourselves up to fight more traffic on the way to work, we endanger children and the elderly who still choose to walk, and we further diminish the fabric of our neighborhoods, making it harder than ever to comfortably walk, bike and access transit, and pushing people into cars and onto the clogging arterials.

    Commissioner Bovo has said that, while sympathetic to the good ideas of pro-transit speakers, they are only a small minority and do not represent the desires and best-interests of the his constituency and the county at large. Not true. Transit is consistently a huge issue in the region, especially when we talk about reasons that smart, creative and entrepreneurial people choose to leave. Walkable and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods (which are not possible without prioritizing other modes of travel than autos) have suffered less and rebounded faster from the housing collapse, tend to have higher home prices (and thus, long-term county taxes), the people tend to be healthier (saving the county money on health-related spending), and they are nicer to visit and live in. Everyone benefits.

    Now let’s be clear, nobody is asking to take away our cars. We are asking for options, the ability to choose how we travel, and whether we sit in traffic. To me, that is Freedom.


  6. Adam Old says:

    AnthonyVOP why are you so happy to let some “nameless, bureaucrat who couldn’t hack it in the private sector” tax us, plan and build our roadways? You think those things are free? Ridiculous.


  7. @TransitDave
    Agreed. I believe the commissioner can also be sold on transit. However, it’s his lack of vision and leadership that really needs to be questioned. He has a defeatist attitude which isn’t helping transit’s case at all.(The cars have won)

    I’m really glad to see that he takes transit since it is convenient for him, but this convenience should be afforded to everyone in Miami Dade County.

    just an FYI- Trac and Transit Miami are not affiliated. TRAC is a PAC which I personally support and TM is an advocacy blog. As an advocacy blog I think it is our job to call out elected officials. We’re just trying to keep it real in the 305 ;)


  8. TransitDave says:

    Felipe, to clarify, I posted the blog right after reading my email feed on TRAC, and they were pretty worked up about the commissioner’s comments as well, so I was to a certain extent responding to that, which I should have mentioned. And to TRAC member Adam Old, Well said.


  9. Wallace Bray says:

    “There are none so blind than those who refuse to see.” I think I’m paraphrasing the quote but you get what I mean. The problem with public transportation in our community is not the lack of sun shelters or infrequent bus and train service or even the so called freedom of owning a car, it is a lack of leadership from our elected officials and this commissioner is a perfect example of that. Spread this video far and wide to everyone you know who has to wait for infrequent transit service and to the many who sit idle in their cars on a daily basis. Oh, by the way those infrequent buses are late because they too are sitting idle with all the freedom loving car lovers who came to South Florida just so they could experience gridlock. Gee, I wonder where the city’s this commissioner mentions in the video would be today if their elected officials had the same lack of in site on public transit matters?


  10. Robert Friedman says:

    I grew up in Hialeah and it is really sorry to see Mr. Esteban Bovo go on with the old 1970’s comments about transit, he is saying Miami is a loser place that can’t plan for the future and goes on and says its children are losers too. Estaban Bovo had the ridiculous hot weather argument, he should check out Phoenix Arizona a place where 110 deg F happens every summer and it can hit 120 deg F. I lived in Las Vegas which is not quite as super hot, you would prefer being outside in Miami in the summer. Phoenix used their transportation money on a 20 mile light rail system that is expanding and has exceed ridership expectations every year, even in the blast furnace summer. The Southwest USA is every bit a “car culture place as Miami, even more. Miami diverted its transit money to highways, Miami loses, now even compared to Orlando where I live, the Mickey Mouse city, where our new Sunrail commuter train is off to a very good start.


  11. B says:

    The Commissioner is, respectfully, simply uninformed about the day-to-day realities of his constituency. I would challenge him to ride the #8 or B Bus and then come back and tell the public how many of those recent immigrants came here just because they can drive a nice car around town. In fact, many immigrants are working in jobs that do not pay enough to support car ownership, but still pay better than in their home countries. However, since this is not likely to happen, I propose we all write to the Commissioner’s office and letters to the editors at local newspapers, especially if you are, or personally know, or regularly ride public transportation with, recent immigrants who depend on public transportation to get around.


  12. gregory says:

    His logic is mind numbing dumb. The main reason the Metrlrail ridership has increase is because of recent immigrants coming here. They are indeed use to riding public transit and continue to use it here.


  13. Bovo wants to pave Parcel B says:

    It is Bovo who is sponsoring legislation to pave Parcel B, the three acre waterfront park space east of the AA Arena. Bovo wants a couple of broke insiders to get the waterfront site so they can start a parking business. Duh. It is a scarce waterfront park site, NOT a parking lot.


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