As reported earlier this month by our friends over at Curbed Miami, the long-anticipated, long-stalled Brickell Flatiron Park has finally materialized.

Curbed Miami has extensive coverage of the park, with multiple images provided by Transit Miami’s own Craig Chester.

Here are a few more shots of the newly materialized public space. This section of Brickell now has a nice little wedge of accessible park space from which to peacefully gaze and reflect upon the dynamic urban morphology surrounding it.

Cyclist on the bike lane, downtown explorers on the Metromover, Cars2Go waiting for savvy intra-city travelers . . . and a new, sweet park waiting to be fully discovered and enjoyed by Brickellites and other downtown denizens.

The weekly farmers’ market should help draw attention to this much needed downtown park oasis.

All this street signage for active transportation (walking, biking) is great, but municipal workers need better guidelines on where to install the signs. It’s a bit contradictory to have a ‘pedestrian’ sign obstructing part of the sidewalk, and a ‘bike lane’ sign obstructing the other part of the sidewalk, requiring walkers to zig-zag along their path.  All street signs and street furniture should be as far out of the pedestrian thoroughfare as possible. Hopefully that ‘men at work / construction’ sign won’t be up for too long either.

Some new trees to help revive our sparse and frail urban forest canopy, along with plenty of limestone benches on which to sit back and take-in the city — it’s getting better everyday.

With the incipient rise of Brickell CitiCenter just to the north of Mary Brickell Village, this northwest section of the Brickell neighborhood is truly becoming the new hallmark of Miami urbanism.

Now all that’s left is making sure Brickellite yuppies — for so long bereft of such an open public space to call their own — know what to do with their new neighborhood amenity.

Transit Miami’s advice: just sit back and enjoy the growing spectacle your city has to offer.

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9 Responses to Brickell’s Flatiron Park Materialized

  1. Ben says:

    I saw this the other day on my evening jog through Brickell. It’s a small sliver of a park, but it’s lovely. Perfect place for a farmers’ market, which I’m looking forward to.


  2. BK says:

    Saw this opened on a jog and then laid around on a rock the next day. It’ll be nice when the shade trees grow a bit. It’s both a blessing and a pain in the butt to have so much construction going on in the area. Finally enjoy this park, and listen to Millicento construction in the background.
    It’s like teenage years for Brickell neighborhood.


  3. Meghan says:

    Beautiful…I will check it out on one of my runs through the city. Nice to see more parks/green space in Miami.


  4. Kevin says:

    Beautiful little park! Thank you to everyone that worked to make this happen. Brickell sorely needs parks.

    This park, however, is privately owned and the owners are trying to develop this parcel. I hope we don’t lose this park for a skyscraper. The city was looking at doing a landswap for the southernmost tip of this parcel in exchange for a pocket park the city currently owns on the northeast corner of this block. I hope the city fights to keep this park for future generations.


  5. Pilar says:

    What a beautiful park. It seems finally Miami is growing up. I am looking forward to the Farmer’s Market. I agree with the misplacement of the signs and maybe the city will take care of this small issue very soon.


  6. BK says:

    The land for the park has been transfered to the city and some of the smaller park parcels next to Baru and Perricones has been swapped.
    The new park will stay park, Baru will become a highrise.


  7. Lady Bird Johnson says:

    There are two parcels. The much needed pocket park sits on the south parcel and there is another pocket park on the north parcel called The Allen Morris Park. The Allen Morris Park has several great trees and mature landscaping. The Allen Morris Park is maintained by the restaurant on the site, Baru. The developer wants to demolish the Allen Morris Park. In addition, most of the new pocket park could be demolished so the developer can build a future Taco Bell.


  8. Christie says:

    This is GREAT!! As a Brickell resident, I strongly welcome and support the addition of green spaces however small. And nothing like a Saturday Farmer’s Market to really bring residents and visitors alike together. Thanks for sharing this!


  9. Brickell Resident says:

    The existing Allen Morris Park is needed and very welcome. What a shame the developer is applying to demo this well loved neighborhood park. Hopefully the City will not grant a demo permit.


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