The City of Miami hosts regular meetings of the Bicycle Action Committee to update members of the public and city employees to the status of the Bicycle Master Plan and to discuss related issues in our community. City Commissioners are encouraged to send staff representatives and to invite residents from their districts to attend. Each county (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) has a similar body within their respective Metropolitan Planning Organization that addresses the broader topic of bicycle/pedestrian concerns.

Yesterday’s meeting of ‘the BAC’ addressed 2 hours worth of topics, from new mountain biking trails (broke ground) to Bike Miami Days (on hold) to the (possible) return of a Miami criterium bicycle race. Read my full report on the South Florida Bike Coalition blog here.

3 Responses to Report from the City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee

  1. Miamian says:

    The good news was there were more public elected officials than ever. word is getting out about bikes.

    TOO bad Commissioner Carollo will come to Bike Miami Days but will not put jobs to work and advance the bicycle projects included in the Bicycle Master Plan. Use some Federal Stimulus Funds made available to the city for bicycle projects.

    You want a bike miami days in Little Havana. NO WAY!
    Let’s see some action not rhetoric. Contact Commissioner Carollo.


  2. Collin says:

    Bike Miami Days are not on hold. We just need to get a date, and start. Being that our last one was Sunday, we will be looking at the next one in Downtown and starting conversations with the DDA and other stakeholders. It was never stated in the meeting that it was on-hold.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    Thanks for the update Collin!


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