Tonight Miami 21 goes before the Planning Advisory Board at City Hall. This is a big step forward in the Miami 21 process, so show up at City Hall tonight at 6:00 PM to get involved and sit in on the hearing.

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4 Responses to Miami 21 Announcement

  1. Anonymous says:

    At Planning Advisory Board meeting many neighborhood groups, developers and land use attorneys asked for a deferral so the problems could be fixed. 7 members of Board showed they had no idea what was happening. Consultant made changes by submitting amendments the next day. Next day.


  2. Anonymous says:

    After years of “study and consultation”, Miami 21 is still a deeply flawed document that no one believes was finished, understandable or even in compliance with the City’s own charter. It also was obviously not in final form since DPZ announced, during the presentation, more than a half dozen major changes and corrections that no one had ever seen before (all of which had apparently been made in the past two weeks). Despite the obvious and fundamental errors, lack of public notice and despite hearing from more than sixty speakers, representing more than a hundred and fifty persons present, almost every one of whom pointed out a cascade of objections, deep concerns, mistakes and inconsistencies in the proposed Miami 21 “form based Code”, the PAB ignored them all and voted to pass the problematic code on to the City Commission.”

    DPZ’s own website points out that this will the first time a major City has implemented a “Form Based Code”. While there is much to look forward to if and when the “Future City” envisioned by DPZ and the New Urbanists comes into existence, the transition is obviously one that will work much hardship on the Upper Eastside which has become the “Guinea Pig” for DPZ’s social engineering experiment to substantially reduce cars, promote use of transit systems and create a City of villages.

    Miami’s code needs work, but whether this is new code is an improvement or just another experiment is still up in the air. It will, in all likelihood, cost the Upper Eastside businesses, property owners and residents billions of dollars and years to find out which. Before Miami’s political leadership and planning staff forces this code on us all, perhaps they should independently evaluate its prior implementation in sections of Baton Rouge and West Palm Beach – at the very least, we should attempt to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. There is simply too much at stake to take this so lightly and amateurishly.


  3. Anonymous says:

    On paper Miami 21 sounds like a noble effort, but after all we are talking about Miami and its politics, developers and the historical abuse of citizen’s rights.

    The community wants a better zoning code and less destruction of their neighborhoods and way of life.

    But the citizens are saying that there are still many faults in the plans for Miami 21 to work out before this experiment should be implemented.

    The citizens that attended the last Planning Board meeting to express their deep concerns were shocked and disappointed to be discover that the Planning Board has approved the new zoning code on the first reading.

    The next step for its approval is to send it up to the City Commissioners.

    Unfortunately 3 out of 5 City Commissioners and our mayor have historically bent over backwards to benefit developers. Attorneys and lobbyists.

    So once again we have a lot to be worried about.

    I also wonder how long it will take a developer to request a change in zoning for his newly acquired land even after Miami 21 is implemented.

    I bet it won’t be too long for that request to be made or for that approval to be granted by the City.

    Harry Emilio Gottlieb
    Coconut Grove


  4. Anonymous says:

    DPZ’s behavior horrifies me, but doesn’t surprise me much, because they’ve done the exact same thing everywhere else. They keep things as vague and detail-free until the last possible second, then drop the bomb LITERALLY the day before the City Commission agenda gets printed in an effort to prevent effective public opposition from forming.

    The difference is, I don’t think they’re going to get away with it in Miami. It’s going to sail through all the way to the last reading, then all hell is going to break loose when they try to pull a fast one on the City Commission and drop a few last-minute “amendments” on them, and it’s going to blow up in DPZ’s faces when a few commissioners slam on the brakes and demand time to properly digest the changes. DPZ’s representatives, if not Liz herself, will mumble something about the changes being minor technical details, at which point at least one of the commissioners is going to decide he’s had enough, tell them they’re full of shit (in more or less those exact words), and the meeting will end in total chaos, and be followed by a multi-month metaphorical bloodbath at the planning department. There’s absolutely nothing that pisses off elected officials more than being treated like impressionable fools, besides the realization that said individuals have actually succeeded at doing it.


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