Commissioner Sarnoff invited the Belle Meade community to Legion Park earlier this evening to discuss the on-going saga of the Belle Meade fence.  Earlier this year the County Public Works Department said that erecting a fence would be considered illegal if the public right-of-way were severed.

The issue of the fence first came up last year after an armed home invasion in Belle Meade. Commissioner Sarnoff listened to the concerns of Belle Meade residents and said he would support and pay for the fence.

After the County Public Works Department issued their statement Commissioner Sarnoff looked for a compromise. The proposed $70,000 fence now includes ADA approved gates at all intersections and will also allow  pedestrian and bicycle ingress and egress to and from the Belle Meade community.

What a waste of money. This fence will do nothing to deter crime. Even if the fence didn’t have a gate it wouldn’t make Belle Meade any safer. Commissioner Sarnoff was very careful to say that “for now” the gates must remain unlocked and that State law could possibly be changed if pursued. Sounds like if the fence does go up, the next step would be to put Belle Meade on lockdown.

The $70,000 to pay for the fence would come from some Quality of Life/Homeland Security Bond. What a joke.  How can we possibly justify spending 70k on a fence that will do nothing to improve our quality of life in District 2. How about working with the FDOT to allocate this money to restriping Biscayne Boulevard? Let’s add parallel parking and make the Boulevard a true commercial corridor where people can actually cross the street safely. The more businesses that thrive on Biscayne Boulevard, the safer Belle Meade becomes.   That’s how you improve quality of life, not throwing up a 6-foot fence that will do absolutely nothing to make us safer.  This is government waste at its finest.

Please email Commissioner Sarnoff and let him know that he should allocate this money to more worthy projects that will actually improve the quality of life for District 2 residents.

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2 Responses to Belle Meade and the $70,000 Fence

  1. LookThePart says:

    Spend the money on cleaning up the Vagabond Motel, it’ll do more to make the neighborhood safer…


  2. Craig says:

    “In order to deter crime, a street space must be watched over by buildings with doors and windows facing it. Walls, fences, padlocks and alarm systems are all less effective at deterring crime than a simple lit window. Interestingly, no one needs to be standing in the window, a the window implies a human presence on its own – at any moment, someone could appear. So it is really the windows, not the occupants, that are the eyes on the street.” – Suburban Nation


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