Just days after the Miami Herald published a letter (Brickell financial district pedestrians beware!) detailing one woman’s harrowing experiences walking in Brickell, and some feisty Transit Miami e-mails to local authorities, the Miami Police conducted a crosswalk detail in Brickell.

From Police Chief Miguel Orosa:

“On Oct 10, MPD conducted a crosswalk detail at SW 8 Street and Brickell Ave. The results of the detail were a total of 73 summons, 41 of which were for failing to yield right of way to pedestrians.”

The daily pedestrian battlefield in Brickell.

I heard about the detail in the morning of October 10th, and went to personally thank the officers on duty, letting them know this was an important safety issue to the community. The officers left at about 9:15 AM, so 72 summons were doled out in a relatively short period of time.

This is the same intersection that the MPD conducted a similar operation on in May, netting nearly $10,000 in fines in just under one hour, and subsequently resulting in a front page news story in the Miami Herald. Prior to that detail, Transit Miami Films made this intersection famous in the video No Respect which drew the attention of local commissioners and police.

Transit Miami applauds this use of police resources, which is obviously a reasonable and productive use of their time given the commonplace lack of compliance of our traffic laws.


9 Responses to Brickell Crosswalk Detail Yields 72 Violations

  1. Tammy says:

    This is a good start, unfortunately the problem lies in the education of drivers who don’t know the laws. Close to 70 Miami drives have now learned they must yield to pedestrians, how will we spread the word to the other 2.5 million?


  2. Jimbo99 says:

    From that picture, 5 of the 8 pedestrians aren’t even in the crosswalk ? That is jaywalking ? It’s one thing to disrespect right of way, but there are just as many, rather more, pedestrian offenses in that picture than the one car that is trying to get thru there just the same. When the light changes like, any part of that car should not be in the crosswalk. That’s a single ticket infraction, the 5 pedestrians seem to be committing a citable offenses ? Clearly though, the 3 pedestrians in the cross walk, are inconvenienced by the motorist.


  3. Josh says:

    Jimbo99 did you ever think that they are walking around that car that is in the middle of the crosswalk? If it was stopped I would just walk around it, It is hard to tell with only on picture and no video of it.


  4. miamiman says:

    Re: Jimbo99… those people are outside of the crosswalk, precisely because it’s unsafe to walk within the zebra lines. Being further away from the intersection gives you MORE TIME TO RUN.


  5. Craig Chester says:

    The picture is a still image from our No Respect video. You can watch the whole thing, linked in the post here, and see how this car was barging through.


  6. Fernando says:

    Once again congrats to Transit Miami and Miami Herald. We rely heavily on you to make our city safer and enjoyable to residents and visitors. Thank you to the Miami Police but this shouldn’t be the last of crosswalk details – keep them coming! After all, the police seems to be making good revenue from this that should help them put more officers in the city. They should increase the severity and fines though.


  7. Kevin says:

    Miami is a better city thanks to TM. Thanks for what you guys do.


  8. Bananers says:

    That intersection is hell for both drivers and pedestrians alike. I’ve lost count of how many times pedestrians cross when the red hand is lit up without even bothering to look if a car is turning.


  9. Think says:

    Why doesn’t the traffic signal cycle include a pedestrian walk signal while all cars are stopped?

    It’s much more difficult to see oncoming pedestrian traffic than it is to see oncoming cars.

    There’s no need to appeal to the authoritarian solution of issuing tickets to motorists. Using that same logic, we could just have the law say pedestrians who don’t yield to turning cars will receive a ticket.

    Don’t resort to “there oughta be a law!”. The law got you there to begin with.


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