Driver hit cyclists from behind.  Notice the windshield. How fast was the driver going?

Driver hit cyclists from behind. Notice the windshield. How fast was the driver going?

I’m really tired of writing this same old story. On Friday morning another cyclist was critically injured on Bear Cut Bridge, the very same bridge where Chistopher Lecanne was killed nearly 4 years ago when a driver hit him from behind.

Crashes like these are preventable if only our elected officials could get their act together and address the public safety crisis that is happening in front of their very own eyes.

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The Rickenbacker Causeway is a microcosm for the greater ills of the county. Case in point: In the past 7 years at least 3 cyclists have been killed and countless other have been critically injured, yet the existing conditions on the Rickenbacker Causeway are getting more dangerous (i.e. Bear Cut Bridge), not safer.  Virtually nothing has been done to make the Rickenbacker less dangerous.  How many people need to die before something is done?

Miami Dade County is the 3rd most dangerous metropolitan area in the country for pedestrian and cyclists, yet our elected officials are dragging their feet when it comes to making our streets safer.  All I hear is political grandstanding that changes are coming and in the meantime pedestrians and cyclists continue to be slaughtered on our streets. The entire situation is disgraceful and shameful and collectively Miami Dade County elected officials need to be held accountable.

Click here to send an email to all of our County Commissioners and Mayor Gimenez and let them know what an awful job they are doing when it comes to pedestrian and cyclist safety throughout the County.  This is not just a Rickenbacker Causeway issue, this is a county wide problem that has turned into a public safety crises.

The situation has reached a point that is beyond embarrassing.
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8 Responses to Another Cyclist Hit on the Rickenbacker; Lack of Leadership and Vision in Miami-Dade County is to Blame

  1. Jayson says:

    People need to sit just 1 morning and watch why cyclist keep getting hit it’s not due to speeding or drivers not paying attention it’s the cyclist that thing the road is only for them and have no respect for the road and the vehicles on it

    Past person that drove those roads everyday to go to work


  2. Jayson,
    Your comment isn’t worthy of a reply.


  3. Rima says:

    I am so sorry for this human being who was injured in what is a totally preventable and predictable accident. Jayson, you are wrong, plain and simple. But if you feel so strongly about this being the cyclsits fault, I invite you to ride your bike in Miami today (which you obviously never do) and respect the vehicles as you so nicely say. See where that gets you. And if you survive, post here again tomorrow.


  4. Rafael says:

    Phone use / texting while driving MUST be made illegal. Deploy Radar-equipped policemen to the Rickenbacker until all construction is finished.


  5. June Savage says:

    We the tax payers and citizens demand an answer to what happened , we demand that the govt offici
    als correct and resolve the sentiment of the key biscayne residents and this situation immediately .

    We have clear documentation , we have reason.


  6. Nico says:

    If we use common sense, regardless of what you think, we have to realize that if you ride your bike on the street made for cars you are at risk.

    If you get hit, who looses?

    Exercise caution when riding your bike, there are groups of bicycle riders that believe wolf packing the road is going to make it safer.

    The road is for cars, and the sidewalk for pedestrians. Cars arent on sidewalks, and pedestrians dont walk on the edge of the street.

    Find a bike path that is safe, drive your bike in your car to a safe place and ride it there, and if you dont want to, then risk getting hit by a car.

    Not picking sides, it was an accident that could have been avoided, but I am not going to ride my bike on the street where cars dont have room.


  7. Bryan says:

    I ride my bike on the road quite a lot, and I’ll say this: I’m aggressive as fuck. I ride that way because it’s the only way I feel safe: when I’m in control. I trust me more than I trust motor vehicles, plain and simple.


  8. Guy says:

    Here’s a question: what can be done? They just installed a 14ft wide bike path there and no cyclist will use it; it’s not good enough because they have to take a 10 second detour to get on. I’ve seen on this blog claims that this is exactly what was needed, and yet I guess it’s not.

    Will any accommodation be adequate? Won’t the road always be faster? Is it so inadequate to make a biker use a 10 second detour, especially considering he’s doing it for sport?


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