Even if you do not ever get on a bicycle, it makes sense to promote better, safer, increased bicycling for transportation. Bicycles don’t lead to massive road and bridge reconstruction projects or the massive parking towers that are all over the City of Miami under our current zoning code. Did you know: The average car parking space costs somewhere around $14,000 to produce and provides prime real estate that serves no function or purpose but to house a car, sometimes. Parking anywhere is ugly, right? Not necessarily – Miami21 promotes what planners and developers call ‘lined parking garages.’

Examples of parking garages built with the spirit of Miami 21 include:

Denver, Colorado

Celebration, Florida

Downtown Miami, Florida (Everglades Residential Towers)

You can’t see the parking – but it’s there! The photos above are indeed of parking garages that provide space for hundreds of cars. Each of these developments lined their parking garages with retail, office and/or residential space, making the entire block more amenable to pedestrian activity and in line with the requirements of Miami 21.

In other news, the City of Miami Commission is considering a new parking garage just a few blocks to the north in the Downtown/Omni area. Aesthetics are given consideration in the form of two 200′ tall media tower LCD screens that would allow for digitally projected advertising that can be seen from I-395, Downtown and residences near the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. What do you think?

City Square Renderings: Proposed 8-story tall Parking Garage with 200' Media Towers for Downtown Miami

City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, citing the obvious affects such a development would have on neighbors, has called for a town hall meeting with developers and residents to discuss the project planned for Biscayne Boulevard and 14th Street. The meeting will take place tomorrowWednesday, May 5th at 6 PM at the ZIFF Ballet Opera House inside the Peacock Foundation Studio. I think the Commissioner deserves a TransitMiami.com shout-out for bringing this to the attention of residents. If you have questions, you can call Commissioner Sarnoff’s office at 305.250.5333.

7 Responses to Urgent Notice for Public Meeting & Reason #382 to Support Bicycling, Miami 21

  1. Oh, I get it, they wanna go for that “Blade Runner” look!



  2. Julian Kasdin says:

    This building should never be built. Miami 21 needs to be implemented, and Miami needs to start finding money to build light rail. Cities should not be built around garages and parking lots, they should be built around sustainable downtown regions, and responsible planning.


  3. ditto Julian’s comments.

    I’m all for it if it’s powered by solar or wind right there on the monstrosity…I mean property.


  4. [...] – Julian Kasdin, on a proposed 20 story parking garage and billboards . [...]


  5. Jim Nariel says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me


  6. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    I have to agree with Julian on this one. Do we really need exposure to more outdoor advertising? Really? I don’t care how fancy parking facilities look. At the end of the day, all they do is encourage more driving, more congestion, more irresponsible development, etc.


  7. Mike Moskos says:

    I understand your objections, but as long as it doesn’t involve public money/”incentives” i’m not that opposed. Clearly, the developers are not concerned about peak oil. Unfortunately, if oil prices go up as expected, I don’t think this building can be re-purposed. Doesn’t seem like a great investment to me.


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