NE 2nd Avenue in Buena Vista

NE 2nd Avenue in Buena Vista

The reindeer games continue between the County and City and as usual the taxpayer ends up getting cheated and we are all left with a really dangerous street, which apparently the County and City both find acceptable.

Here’s an email I received from Transit Miami friend Wendy Stephan.

Hi Felipe

I’m writing to you about a problem here in Buena Vista East/Design District.  I’ve attached a letter I sent below about the problem.  After residents sent about 100 letters, the City of Miami (particularly the Mayor’s office) was responsive, but our understanding is that the County is in charge of the project.  The latest twist is that the County says they handed the project off to the City at some point (?!).  It seems the project just stalled out halfway done.  I am sure you’ve noticed how dangerous NE 2nd Avenue is these days – potholes, angled light poles, and no street markings!!  This seems to be a good issue for your blog. Thanks.


Here’s the email sent to city, county neighbors, etc., on June 10:


Dear Commissioner Edmonson,

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of District 3 residents and business owners concerned about the unsafe situation and lack of progress on the street improvements on NE 2nd Avenue in the Buena Vista/Design District area.  Because the street improvement project seems to be stalled with work halfway done — old lighting removed, street surface damaged, striping not visible — the situation that currently exists is very dangerous, and one young woman was killed crossing the street on a dark night in March.

This area has recently seen the wonderful development of several businesses, some owned by residents, that cater to our broader community.  These businesses have generated both car and pedestrian traffic along this corridor.  County buses pick up passengers along this road.  Students have been crossing this street daily on their way to DASH, Miami Arts Charter and Archbishop Curley Notre Dame schools.  We need the long-promised improvements to the street completed to improve safety, functionality and the appearance of this street.  The project, already funded and initiated, includes multiple safety features, including:· Adequate sidewalks
· Curbs
· Drainage
· Parking lanes
· Bike lanes
· Clear street striping
· Functional street lighting
· Maintenance for the large swale trees, additional trees/green where possible.

What happened to this project?  We demand answers and a clear timeline for its completion.  Residents and patrons of our businesses should not be placed at such high risk.  Thank you for your prompt response.


What a disgrace.

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9 Responses to NE 2nd Avenue project stalled; County and City Point Fingers

  1. Jack says:

    Seems to me that the only time a project gets moving in Miami is when there is a big time developer involved and a tower is going up. Maybe the neighborhood should pull some money together and slip it to the right politician… ugh


  2. Sadly Jack, even when a big time developers wants to improve streets city, county and state are not willing to partner with anyone when it comes to designing safer streets.

    I know Swire would like to see more pedestrian friendly streets for their City Center project and FDOT is not willing to compromise. City and county elected officials simply don’t “get it”, nor does FDOT.

    We will continue to be the 4th most dangerous city in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists for the foreseeable future with our current leadership.


  3. Miami Residents screwed again says:

    NE 2nd Avenue north of the Design District and through Buena Vista has looked terrible for years. The City of Miami Capital Improvement Department headed by Alice Bravo was in charge. Now the road just serves to ruin vehicles. The potholes are terrible.


  4. Timoteo Cruz says:

    Meanwhile, over in Fort Lauderdale, the city and county work amicably together to get Complete Streets projects done all over Broward AND a new streetcar.

    City of Miami and the county can’t get anything done. Everything always has drama and setbacks and ultimately never gets done. What ever happened to our streetcar to the Design District from Downtown? Unfortunately, probably cancelled, because our local government is inept.


  5. Timoteo Cruz says:

    It’s sad we live in a city where you have to expect the worst of everything, because nothing ever happens the way it’s said to happen.

    Over budget, cancelled projects, lack of communication, corruption, scandals, etc. Sheesh, it’s exhausting and consistently disappointing!


  6. Miami drivers must drive slow says:

    NE 2nd Avenue will tear up vehicles. So Third World. Who is in charge?


  7. Gables says:

    I believe the politically correct phrase is “developing world” and not “third world.”


  8. NE 2nd Avenue still full of holes says:

    It is August 10th, 2013 and NE 2nd Avenue from NE 40th Street north to NE 79th Street is still full of pot holes. Buena Vista area still looks terrible. FDOT? Listening?


  9. Gilberto A Rivera says:

    I wholly support your efforts in having someone improve this area. I am a bus driver who drives route 9 thru this area on a weekly basis. I’m sick and tired of having to slow down the bus to a crawl because the street is so torn up. It also causes me to be constantly changing lanes in order to avoid un even pavement and potholes. This is not safe because I have to be constantly either changing lanes or straddling both lanes in order to provide a more comfortable ride to my passengers. This goes as well for the segment of NE 2nd Ave. that runs thru NMB.


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