Please spread the word about this meeting.  Let’s kill this awful idea and send MDX packing. We just received this email from a friend of Transit Miami:

Meeting Wednesday night to discuss plans for MDX Tollway along US 1. Please forward to all transit-bicycle advocates as this could hinder the MetroRail expansion and bicycling facilities south from Dadeland!

Wednesday November 14th. The meeting will be from 7 to 9 p.m. at Pinecrest Gardens,11000 Red Road. Thank you to Mayor Lerner for standing up to MDX and over 30 years of planned Metro Expansion. Would MDX be willing to rebuild the entire corridor to include a more pedestrian-bike friendly US 1 AND elevated MetroRail, MDX facilities??? I-95 was defeated along this corridor originally because of noise, traffic and splitting the community aesthetically. We need to move more towards nodes of development around bus/rail stations. Dadeland is a success that can be replicated at the Falls Mall and other commercial nodes along the corridor to Cutler Bay.

You can read more about this short-sighted and half baked idea here:


2 Responses to MDX Wants to Build Another Tollway along US-1

  1. Paul says:

    The intersection of US-1 and Kendall is already a bottleneck for northbound traffic so the Lexus lanes would only add to the problem by dumping more traffic into an already congested area. They would also prevent the southward expansion of the Metrorail, which is the only remaining option for improving traffic in the area. Why anyone thinks that spending tax dollars to build the express lanes is beyond me.


  2. Andres says:

    This type of proposal is opposite the direction we need to be going. With so much progress and potential in Miami, it amazes me that these types of ideas still get thrown around — and built, a lot of the time.


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