Last week’s Pic o’ the day featured a very memorable, walkable, and livable neighborhood in Philadelphia. Today’s picture is just the opposite, exemplifying much of the construction occurring all across the American landscape. Try and see if you can figure out where this blandness is located. The point of this photograph is to illustrate the lack of creativity associated with urban sprawl. Developers are creating homogeneous housing areas which completely lack a sense of space or community. The available public space is poorly distributed, houses are sectioned off in quadrants inaccessible to pedestrians, and the whole neighborhood suffers from the lack of any memorable structures. I’d be surprised if anyone can guess where this place is…

15 Responses to Pic o’ the Day: Neighborhood Edition, Part 2

  1. Dave says:

    A Dallas suburb? Maybe a Pheonix one?


  2. JErick says:

    I think it’s Tuscon, for some reason.


  3. charck says:

    Las Vegas, NV


  4. Frankie says:

    It has to be Phoenix!


  5. Anonymous says:



  6. Ryan Sharp says:

    Looks to me like a flyover from CSI…


  7. Steve Owen says:

    california. fresno?


  8. JD says:

    I don’t think Dallas’ new roads are black, so I wouldn’t say Dallas. However, I did see a lot of black roads in Los Angeles’ suburbs. So I’m hunching it’s out farther west from Dallas (or Texas), due to its parched landscape as well. Also, note that the terrain is flat, so I’m not so sure if the picture is of California.

    I’m going to have to guess it to be Las Vegas, Tucson, or Phoenix.


  9. RD says:

    I still believe it’s somewhere in Miami visible by plane. I’ve seen Miami out of a plane before and it looks just like that photo.


  10. expat says:

    my first thought was fresno, although that’s just a guess.


  11. Ryan Sharp says:

    In case no one got my clue earlier (CSI), it’s Clark County, Nevada, aka suburban Las Vegas (which is redundant).

    Gabe breaks it down well in the next post…


  12. charck says:

    Ryan, I answered the question correctly before you put up your clue.

    This particular part is not a suburb it IS Las Vegas.


  13. Ryan Sharp says:

    I saw that, Charck, that’s why I said “in case” (I suppose I should have said anyone instead of no one).

    As for this location being in Las Vegas, if you want to get technical, I think you may be mistaken. I’m not exactly sure of the orientation of the picture, but this location is way south of Desert Inn and Sahara and west of I-15, which by my knowledge makes it unincorporated Clark County and not the City of Las Vegas.

    If you can show me an official map that proves otherwise, I’d be happy to reverse my claim.


  14. charck says:

    It is unincorporated CC yet that holds not significance in this context. Each one of those houses has a Las Vegas address. From a zoning and masterplan pov it’s all considered Las Vegas.

    It’s a bit different out there than in Florida. Most of the Las Vegas Valley is considered unincorporated CC. The majority of the Strip is in Unincorporated CC.

    It’s all known as Las Vegas which the exception of North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Blue Diamond.

    This is not even stretching it (like Nova in Davie saying it’s in FLL) but reality.

    But these are just silly specifics and totally off the point of the topic.

    I just wanted some credit TransitBoys.


  15. Ryan Sharp says:

    Yeah I guess that’s what happens when sprawl blends with your city - “place” all becomes relative (how many times have you heard someone from West/South/North Miami-Dade say they live in Miami?)

    Anyway, good guess Charck; you’re the only one to get it right this week.


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