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Congratulations to the City of Miami Beach for installing new speed humps on Prairie Avenue.  They look great and for the most part were installed correctly.  They even took the bicycle lane into consideration when installing them!  Speed humps are excellent traffic calming devices.  I’m dreaming of speed humps in Miami.

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10 Responses to Nice Hump

  1. John says:

    fergie couldn’t of said it better =)


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks Feliepe! When first installed, the “speed tables” were in the bike lane. I worked very hard to have them redesigned and retrofitted to be better. I am glad you like them! Early voting starts today! Please vote in Miami Beach for a transportation activist who will make things happen! Vote for Gabrielle, number 62! Thanks for your support!


  3. Yeah, those are good. Now we need them on Pinetree, LaGorce and Meridian, all three great candidates for Bicycle Boulevards.


  4. mr jones says:

    Nice! Now they just need a sidewalk on the right hand side :)


  5. Prem says:

    Perhaps I have a different opinion than general amongst bike riders.
    I personally don’t care how fast a car goes, as long as they don’t hit me.
    And I encourage (in my mind, when they do this) drivers not to slow down for me unless it’s necessary. Just don’t hit me!


  6. Gabrielle says:

    Please see this communication to the Mayor and Commission where the City’s Transportation and Parking Committee voted to remove the test program! http://web.miamibeachfl.gov/WorkArea/showcontent.aspx?id=53412
    I dearly love this committee, and attend often, but believe they are really wrong here, and now this becomes a political issue, rather than one of public works and safety.


  7. Gabrielle, first of all, you will be my favorite candidate ever if you can help the City get their website into working shape.

    On the speed humps, I hate to be cynical, but I am not surprised. Why is this being handled by the Trans & Parking Comm by itself without communication with the Bikeways Comm? I would imagine that this affects both.

    Apparently residents in that area want cars zipping by at high speeds.


  8. Felipe Azenha says:

    Did the Transportation and Parking Committee give a reason as to why they want the speed bumps removed? At the very least they should back up their recommendation.
    The Staff recommendation is well presented with actual facts and has the support of police, fire and public works. Contrary to TPC’s resolution, there seems to be overwhelming evidence to do the exact opposite.


  9. Charlie says:

    This is great, but can we get some of these speed humps in South Beach? It’s more densely populated down here and attracts a faster crowd.


  10. Jonathan Steen says:

    Sorry to disagree but speed bumps are not the answer. Study after study show they often increase speeds (between bumps), increase traffic noise (ever live near one?), and simply divert traffic to other quieter streets. There are a variety of less obtrusive traffic calming measures that are more effective and less damaging. Studies for instance, show that speedcheck signs - those displays that tell passing motorists their actual speed - are highly effective both in the short term and years after being installed. There is a nice collection of links to government studies on various traffic calming measures at http://www.informationdisplay.com. Also, an interesting review of various traffic calming options at http://www.stopspeeders.org. There’s a reason why cities across the country are ripping out speed bumps. It’s time we look at other alternatives to slowing cars.


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