My morning commute takes me from Brickell to Hialeah.  For the past  6months, I’ve been watching the new Metrorail extension to the airport  being built overhead.  Its Impressive to watch this huge project being
put together like giant Lego’s.  This is a huge step for Miami and I’m  proud to finally see it coming together.

Unfortunately, what happens above sometimes comes at the expense of  those below.

Every day, as I exit to 27th Ave from the 112 Airport Extension, I’ve  noticed an increasing amount of construction debris on the sides of the  road. Every day, week, month is gets worse and worse.  A few items I’ve  noticed….a leaning Yield sign, a knocked over barricade in the lane  of traffic,  an orange safety cone next to the barricade, several large nuts & bolts, a wrench, and so on. These are not articles that have  fallen off passing cars. These items are littering the exit ramp, as a  result of construction, a disaster waiting to happen.  Even the storm  drain is clogged with debris and a huge pool of water forms every time  it rains, which is basically every day, because the water has no where  to go.

Someone should be responsible for the removal of debris caused by the  construction. If not daily, at least weekly, or monthly.  This situation at this exit has gotten to the point where it poses a safety  issue. What if it was night time and someone runs over that knocked  over barricade? What if a truck tire kicks up that wrench and it hits a
car traveling behind it?  What if……

A couple of weeks ago, I got 2 flat tires as I was navigating through  the minefield of debris.  I had enough!

I made a call to Miami Dade Transit Authority…spoke to a gentleman that  was responsible for the construction oversight.  I explained the  situation and my concerns.  It was explained to me that the contractor is responsible for cleaning the construction related debris.  It  doesn’t matter who is responsible, the debris is there, its dangerous  and should be cleaned immediately. I feel, someone was not doing their  job. I was informed that MDTA was going to look into it.

The next day after my discussion with MDTA, as I was driving to work and  taking the 27th Ave exit, I noticed the exit was completely cleared of  ALL debris, the Yield sign was upright and 5 men were working to clear  the storm drain.

We often use this forum to gripe about what is wrong in our communities  and the city.

This time, I want to use this forum to publicly say THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU to MDTA for returning my calls promptly.
THANK YOU MDTA for taking prompt action.
THANK YOU MDTA for being efficient.

I was born in this city and I’m proud to call Miami my home!

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3 Responses to Thank you Miami Dade Transit Authority!

  1. Kathryn Moore says:

    Great to know - Thank you for sharing.


  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s no such thing as the ‘Miami Dade Transit Authority.’ There is ‘Miami-Dade Transit,’ abbreviated MDT, a department of Miami-Dade County government. Would we be better off with an independent transit authority? That’s a different question….


  3. kevin says:

    Great to read this!


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