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President Obama and Transportation Secretary LaHood have announced that $27 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds are headed to states to provide critical repairs to our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges.


Remember this is just for highways  - there is an additional amount for mass transit/high speed rail.  As Mike pointed out the devil is in the details of how local governments are spend this money - some prefer expansion projects, others overdue maintenance. Miami’s share of the highway funds totals about $124 Million, but we still don’t know how these funds will be used because the process has been less than transparent (some would say opaque). (FYI:  “Transportation Enhancement is a legally defined term for projects such as sidewalk repairs, bicycle paths, and beautification projects.” We have between $5-6 Million coming in for this - check out list 5 for possible projects.)

In other news, the FTA has posted preliminary allocations for the transit portion of ARRA. Miami should receive $5 Million for fixed guide-way infrastructure investment, and $139,733,611 for transit capital assistance (for expansion or preventive maintenance). There are other grants that are up for grabs, but with MDT’s abysmal track record attracting federal dollars, I don’t think they are capable of bringing home the pork. This year Section 5309 New Starts Federal allocation for MDT will be $0.00 out of a possible $430 Million. (To be fair there is a $42 Million for transit capital assistance in FY’09 under a separate program.)

Then there’s this:

…only projects that have received acceptable project ratings in the New or Small Starts process are eligible for the funding.

Well, there goes any possibility for funding phases II and III of the Orange Line.

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