In a city as bicyclist-unfriendly as Miami, it seems ungrateful to critique any new two-wheel initiative. But what exactly is the point of a bike path that goes only two miles from essentially nowhere to nowhere?

The recently opened Kitty Roedel bike path extends from NW 87th Avenue to NW 107th Avenue. It parallels 836 to the south and CSX railroad tracks to the north. The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority built the 10-foot-wide asphalt path as part of a larger area beautification project. Certainly the landscaped bike path, which includes a wide, grassy right of way, is beauteous (except for the roar of traffic beyond the chain-link fence). Certainly it is a worthwhile addition for area residents out for a recreational ride or a gas-free trip to the Miami International Mall. MDX should be congratulated for taking the initiative on this project.

The path’s construction, however, seems to point up a Miami truism: bicycles are not considered a viable mode of transit. There are no plans to extend the path or link it to other roadways. The NW 107th Avenue access point involves jumping a curb if you’re coming off the avenue. The solution is easy, according to MDX spokeswoman, Maggie Kirkpatrick. “They have the sidewalk.”

Roedel, the path’s namesake, is a former MDX board member who apparently pushed for more “greenways” during her tenure.


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3 Responses to Bike Path to Nowhere?

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with using the sidewalks for cycling?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon streets are for cycling, sidewalks are for walking. Streets need to be made safe enough for cycling though.
    Usually I’m a critic of MDX, however I’d like to congratulate them on this one. The problem is that they have a limited right-of-way and cannot build beyond that. That is where the County should come in and add connectivity to the lanes.

  3. Isaiah says:

    Classic Miami - how about the little mile-long bike path near Sunset Place? Or the Prairie Avenue lane on Miami Beach - a great thing, until it vanishes just north of 41st street.

    Here’s the thing about sidewalks, Anon. For anyone who’s actually trying to get anywhere, they’re not only unimaginably slow, but they’re really friggin’ dangerous. On a sidewalk, ever driveway, doorway, curb, and fence opening is a blind turn.

    The point is that bikes have a right to the street, they belong on the street, and they’ll get along better with cars and people on the street.

    The people designing these bike lanes need to understand that bike lanes are for GETTING PLACES — not just for show.

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