As the new elements of Miami transit fall into place, driven in part by the forces of those committed to it, I am happy to see aesthetics playing a major role. The recent postings of the new cars for MetroMover and the this hybrid bus, represent for me, yet another important piece in the puzzle of the Miami of tomorrow. Clearly the issues of the environment, dependence on foreign oil, sustainability etc are the primary issues at hand, but I also feel that our visual relationship to transit , it’s history and it’s future, factor into our experience greatly.
The cutting edge design of the new Metromover cars and the additions to the fleet of buses create a distinct aesthetic emotion that, however subconciously, alter our perception of the world we live in. They indicate what is possible and what we are committed to. Futurism, responsibility and beauty to name a few.

Miami is a particularly modern city by the simple fact that it is such a young city. I remember my first visit to Miami in the 80′s and the silent, sublime little cars of the MetroMover hovering overhead and the realization that this city was staking a claim for itself. While the MetroMover may not be without its problems, it represents an attempt at solutions and a unique expression of such in the U.S.

Of course all the elements encountered in the city contribute to this aesthetic emotion, but I for one think that advancements in transit bode well for both the citizens and the visitors to Miami. All of these elements influence the future of Miami, as business and development are greatly influenced by this perception, and every step toward the visual fruition of the promises Miami holds- matter greatly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not really discussed much, and maybe your architecture writer could discuss this one day, but energy in Miami is a major issue. The fact that we have more sun than most states in the union and fail to have a large share of our energy coming from solar.
    FPL has been trying to build “clean” coal, and when that didn’t pass they are planning on trying to build a new nuclear plant. This is a major issue and I believe clean green energy like the hybrids have the greatest potential to reshape the Miami-Dade of the future.
    Imagine not needing overhead powerlines on every block because some neighborhoods are completely self sustained. I would just like to see some coverage of that side.


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