You know that bicycles can be powered by burritos, cars by gas, some motorcycles by electricity - but how much energy is that, really?

The good people at the for-profit WellHome, a company that helps people make their homes more environmentally sustainable and comfortable, have created this sweet infographic to help us understand The Energy Efficiency of Movement:

What do you think about their use of “Person-Miles per Gallon”? What about our ranking as cities here in the USA compared to other countries?


4 Responses to How Much Energy Do You Use to Get Around?

  1. Tony Garcia says:

    Awesome graphic


  2. Tony Garcia says:

    although I’m not convinced that the ‘person miles per gallon’ is really the best metric for comparing modes…something should level the travel-mode-trip-calculation playing field, but that isn’t it.


  3. Bill C. says:

    Wow, this is shocking seeing it in a graphic like this. Great job presenting this.


  4. Karen Gordon says:

    I love this and I shared it on our Facebook page. Thanks!


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