A Transit Miami reader sent us this image of one of Tri-Rail’s new DMUs sitting in the Hialeah Rail Yard.


8 Responses to Pic o’ the Day: Tri-Rail’s New DMU

  1. Mary Jo Harris says:

    What good does it do to cram a few more passengers into the already jam packed cars without expanding the schedule to include EVENING and NIGHT service (at least up to midnight)? And what’s with the TWO HOUR HEADWAY all weekend and the excessively early evening shut down on Saturday and Sunday?
    Don’t they know some people would like to go to the theater or have dinner out before boarding the commuter train? Weekends are impossible. Between the TriRail two hour schedule and the MetroRail 30 minute headway, you can spend as much as five or six hours on one round trip - most of it sitting on the platform.


  2. flyer says:



  3. John says:

    the windows are too small. more natural light please.


  4. Markus says:

    why does this train strike me as ancient and not even close to modern design? Is it a question of money or are there other reasons why there couldn’t be more modern trains on the tracks (unless they are modern and the looks are just 1970s).


  5. kevin says:

    I’ve ridden on this train, and although the current fleet is very comfortable, this newer train is even more comfortable. It feels more like an Amtrak train than a commuter train.

    Also, I agree with the poster above. Tri-Rail should really start late evening trains and trains every hour on weekends. As I write this, I’m on the Tri-Rail, and it’s very busy. The new Easy card system is a great upgrade especially in conjunction with Metro’s Easy card, but Tri-Rail has matured to where it could do with more headways.


  6. Mike Moskos says:

    Markus, I think it is the old style Tri Rail wrap they put on it. They need to sponsor a design contest to make the new DMUs look, well, more attractive (read: modern and fast).

    If this is the DMU they’ve were testing for a long time, it is WAY more comfortable ride.


  7. Carlos Perea says:

    Not to be nitpicky, but this isn’t a diesel multiple unit. Car 512 is a new Hyundai-Rotem cab car delivered in 2011, the design incorporating safety lessons learned in the 2005 Glendale train crash, but does not have any propulsion method of its own, relying entirely on the locomotive. This car, along with sister 513, is presently in active Tri-Rail service.


  8. Mary Jo Harris says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I think the new Hyundai car is very clean looking and comfortable despite an excessive amount of space that seems to be reserved for piled luggage or lock down equipment that seems to require most of the west side of the car, or for wheelchairs (of which I have never seen any on TriRail - perhaps due to the two steps up from the platform to the car), and very little space reserved for bicycles (of which there are MANY every day). Also, at least one conductor I’ve met prohibits able bodied passengers from temporarily occupying any of the several fold-down handicap seats even though there are no handicapped persons anywhere near the train.

    That said, however, everyone I know likes the TriRail rolling stock, but objects to the INFREQUENCY of trains at night and on the weekends.

    To repeat an earlier compliant: the lack of trains in the evening makes it impossible to have dinner or attend a show in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach if you need to take the train to get home the same day!

    Familiar scenario……Broward or Palm Beach County resident wants to have Saturday or Sunday evening dinner in Miami Beach after a trip to the beach via Trirail and MetroDade Transit. You need to get up from your table by 6:00 p.m. to make the bus and Metrorail connections that would get you to the Metrorail Transfer Station in time for the LAST NORTHBOUND TRIRAIL TRAIN OF THE NIGHT at 8:37 p.m.

    Weeknight trains give some people a little break since the LAST NORTHBOUND TRAIN DEPARTS AT 9:49……but didn’t anybody in the Planning Department even notice that performances at the Arsht, movies, cultural events, and sporting events usually do not end before 10:00, not to mention the hour or more one has to allow to get to 79th Street to connect with TriRail?

    The problem at the other end of the line is similar. No performances at the Kravis ends in time for a passenger to sprint over to the TriRail station by 8:36 for the LAST SOUTHBOUND TRAIN. In fact, they have barely begun by that hour!

    And then, I can’t even say enough bad things about the two hour headway between trains on weekends. The infrequency of trains make it a total nightmare to plan a day’s activities suing the trains.

    Nice cars, but the problem with TriRail is that it just doesn’t run frequently enough or late enough to be really useful.



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