3 Responses to News Roundup

  1. Kordor says:

    If the park and ride is not built, Rigerman can look forward to a huge wedgie.

    On a less serious note, changing bus routes needs to stop. How are developers supposed to build transit-oriented buildings, say an office building with reduced parking, when no one knows where transit will be oriented 6 months from now? How are people supposed to move to transit-served areas, accept jobs they can get to by bus, maybe even sell their car, when that reality can fall apart overnight? We need FIXED RAILS so people can INVEST in transit-oriented lives and developers can INVEST in real urban buildings. If the government is not willing to provide PREDICTABILITY, how can anyone expect private behavior to change?


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    The short answer, as you know, is that they can’t.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    Exactly. Now think of that argument as it relates to the busway. With the proposed hot lanes converting the busway into a highway, any TOD’s in the pipeline are not going to have much of a chance of survival. Too bad.


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