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A friend of mine from FPL sent me this video and petition request for a special legislative session to expand the solar energy industry in Florida.  The video is from the University of Central Florida and starts slow but makes some important points about the industry side of energy production after minute 3:12. 

If you agree with UCF that the Cost of Doing Nothing only worsens the prospects for Florida’s future, please consider signing the following petition:

We, the undersigned, do hereby express our support for the expedient passage of a renewable energy policy in Florida during a special session to take place prior to year’s end. Such a policy would create significant economic and social opportunities for our state by immediately stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment and providing millions of dollars in new revenue to local governments.

A renewable energy policy would create a new industry and with it, a substantial number of direct and indirect jobs in Florida. The jobs created by this industry would allow for the development of a broad and diverse market that would include research & development, equipment manufacturing, project development & construction, system assembly and import/export. Specific benefits from this market would ultimately lead to increased revenues for the state, energy independence from fossil fuels and a cleaner environment from the reduction of air pollutants.

We support a renewable energy policy similar to House Bill 7229 from the 2010 Legislative Session which would encourage the development of diverse forms of renewable energy projects including large scale solar, biomass, wind, and rooftop solar, with a cost cap to protect Florida consumers. This type of policy would establish a sustainable market for renewable energy, and provide incentives for companies to relocate to Florida from out of state and overseas to create jobs at a time when unemployment is at a record high. In fact, according to a recent study by the Washington Economics Group, legislation similar to House Bill 7229 could quickly create tens of thousands of jobs in Florida, put over $2 billion in new wages into the pockets of Florida’s workers and invest over $4 billion into the state’s economy.

We urge our legislature to call a special session and pass a renewable energy policy before the end of 2010. Today, 36 states plus D.C. have renewable energy policies. These states are reaping the benefits of a clean energy economy by attracting industries that could be coming to Florida. Other countries, such as China, have also positioned themselves to capture existing and future renewable markets with significant manufacturing capability and through the creation of over 1 million clean energy jobs. There is no time to lose…the time for action is NOW! We urge the Florida Legislature to pass this policy immediately.

Support A Cleaner America

 You can sign the online petition at: You can read through House Bill 7229 and make up your own mind.

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