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The Miami Herald is reporting a pedestrian was struck crossing Alton Road at 16th Street on Miami Beach. This just happened, so no details have been released. We will attempt to relay any updates as the day goes on, provided such information is reported. Let’s hope this is not another fatal incident.

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The Miami Herald reports 67-year old Jose Munoz was struck and tragically killed by a Miami-Dade Police Officer while trying to cross Southwest 344th Street. Munoz heroically pushed his wife out of the way but was unable to avoid the oncoming car.

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The Miami Herald is reporting that a bicyclist was struck and  killed on the 1500 Block of West Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Details of the accident , including the name of the victim, have not been released. Apparently, the driver stayed at the scene of the accident, which sadly seems to be the exception to the rule here in South Florida.

More in keeping with the typical behavior,  a hit-and-run incident yesterday  took the life of a pedestrian near Southwest 157th Avenue and 289th Terrace. The victim, as well as the suspect who police were able to track down, have yet to be identified publicly.

UPDATE: The Miami Herald is now running a mor robust story on the hit-and-run in Southwest Dade on Sunday. The suspect’s name is  Jose Ramon Medina, who admitted to driving without a license, drinking alchohol prior to the incident, and fleeing the scene afterwards. He will be charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident involving death, and tampering with evidence.

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Two separate accidents in the past two days have left two students injured in Coral Springs.  Yesterday an 8-year-old girl was struck while bicycling to school by an SUV at Northwest 123rd Avenue and 29th Street near Westchester Elementary School. The student is expected to make a full recovery. No charges have been filed.

This morning 16-year-old Robert Brown was struck by a Toyota Camry while crossing the street on his way to school. Brown is currently in serious condition. No charges have been filed, as Brown was apparently crossing the street without a walk signal, and a green light for the oncoming motorist.

In related news, the blog Greater Greater Washington questions how the news media spins auto-related “accidents” and what that says about our culture.

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The Miami Herald reports that a pedestrian was stuck in Fort Lauderale and is undergoing serious surgery for injuries sustained from the collision.

While not confirmed, test results were leaked to the Herald stating that Donte Stallworth, responsible for running into and killing Mario Reyes, had a blood alchohol level of .14, nearly double the legal limit.  No charges have been filed, but if this proves true it seems certain that Stallworth will have to suffer more than just a heavy conscious.

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I hope you readers are not becoming de-sensitized to these tragedies. The Miami Herald reports that a 21-year female old bicyclist was struck and seriously injured on Cypress Creek Road yesterday. It is unclear who is at fault for the accident. Regardless, they won’t blame the traffic engineers.

Indeed, when analyzing an aerial image of the road, one instantly notices this is a major thoroughfare with as many as 11 lanes. Yes, 11 lanes of traffic. While one has to wonder why anyone would attempt to bicycle on such an insanely proportioned roadway, one should also wonder why we need 11 lanes of traffic in the first place.  Can you imagine what type of transit Broward may have if they took all the investment in further expanding roads from 2, to 4, to 6, to 8, to ten lanes, and their continual maintenance, and invested it in less socially and environmentally destructive ways?

You see, suburbia is laid out so poorly that a bicyclist or pedestrian would have to go at least a half-mile out of their way to find a parrallel route, which may or may not get them to the end destination, and may or not be safer. There is no connectivity.  After all, bicycles and pedestrians are like motorists, they often want the fastest and most direct route. Unfortunately, this almost innate sense of efficiency places often place us in dangerous situations.

The details of the accident are being investigated, and likely this will be the last we  hear of the story as another serious bicyle injury is lost in the next headline.

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Two men were struck and killed while walking on Sea Breeze Boulevard  late last night by what the Miami Herald  reports as a fatal  two-car drag race. The perpetrators  instantly fled the scene and ditched one of the cars, a white Porsche,  by the freeway. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact traffic homicide Investigator Sandra Knutten at 954-828-5460 or Broward Crime Stoppers on 954-493-8477.

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The Miami Herald reports yet another hit-and-run fatality. As always, anyone with information is to call Deputy Juli Mellott at 954-786-4200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

Commenter “Papabear” sums it up:

Every week we hear about someone being hit by a person with no conscience or soul. This crime should have stiffer penalties putting offenders away for a long time.

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Was there a serial maniac gunning for pedestrians in the ‘burbs yesterday?! Or is this just another example of how unsafe it is to walk in Miami-Dade?! My guess is the latter. The Herald reports two women were struck yesterday in Kendall in what seems to be a very serious, but not fatal accident.

Paramedics found both severely hurt women lying on the sidewalk. Both women had gotten tangled up in the fence after the crash, but witnesses pulled them out and left them on the sidewalk for paramedics, said Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Elkin Sierra.

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The Miami Herald reports that Ashley Nicole Valdes, 11, was tragically killed early this evening by a light colored four-door pick-up truck as she was crossing Southwest 80th Street near 149th Avenue .

Detective Lena Jean-Baptiste, a Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman had this to say:

We’re urging anyone with information pertaining to this fatality accident to please come forward. Any information to piece this together is helpful. The truck should have heavy front-end damage.

Please call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 if you have additional information.

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Yet another bicyclist was killed today, apparently on an I-595 exit ramp at SR-7. The Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald both have brief reports on the subject. Our sympathies to the friends and family.

My first thought after seeing the Miami Herald headline was, What on earth was this guy doing on I-595? Bicyclists aren’t allowed on the freeway and all that. But then I remembered how the area around this interchange is configured.

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We have altogether too many sad reports of bicyclists being hit in this area. Even worse, the latest incident resulted in the death of the bicyclist. Thursday morning, a car driving east on SR 84 collided with a bicyclist heading south on SW 4th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Our sympathies are with the family and friends of the bicyclist.

The Miami Herald reports that the driver of the car had a green light. If that was the case, then the bicyclist either ran a red light (if he was riding on the road) or crossed in front of oncoming traffic. Either one is a bad idea and should never be attempted while riding one’s bicycle. Judging by the photo, the bicycle seems to be on the east side of the intersection. Unless the bicycle was dragged across the intersection, then the bicyclist was either riding the wrong way on the sidewalk or the road.

To prevent sad tragedies like this in the future, we would encourage you to always ride your bicycle in the same direction as traffic, avoid riding on the sidewalk, and follow all the traffic laws. BIKESAFE has more information on why you should not be riding the wrong way or on the sidewalk, and I’m sure Google can turn up hundreds more sites that point out the dangers of riding on the sidewalk and/or riding against traffic. Please ride safely!

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  • Pedestrians don’t belong on 1-95…
  • Yet another person dies trying to bypass a Tri-Rail railroad crossing…
  • Buy local produce! It’s a key part of creating a sustainable society, a great way to keep money in the local economy, and an effective measure to reduce pollution (less overseas and transcontinental shipments…)
  • Get ready for strict water restrictions next year and pretty much every year after that. Anyone else think that perhaps the County should mandate the installation of water saving devices (such as technology which reuses sink greywater for toilet use) for all new construction?


  • The return of Urban Parks. Finally!
  • After they created the largest bike sharing network (note the absence of the popular word scheme, its a network, not a ploy) in the world and reintroduced streetcars to their urban landscape; Parisians are now getting ready to embrace electric car sharing service
  • Collapse of the housing market signals the end of suburban sprawl? James Howard Kunstler thinks so
  • Bike Boxes, what a novel concept to show drivers they aren’t the only ones on the road. Dual bike lanes and Bike Boxes in NYC are even more progressive…

When a Bus and SUV collide, the SUV is carrying more passengers than the Bus…

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Red-light running cameras are all the rage at the moment. Local officials want to install them to reduce red-light running, and we applaud them for seeking to make our intersections safer. The question is, though, is that the best way to make them safer?

Studies have shown that rear-end collisions increase when cameras are installed, so the overall accidents increase. It definitely can be argued that rear-end collisions are not as dangerous as T-bone collisions, but they are still collisions. Engineers should be doing everything they can to avoid them. If every alternative has been exhausted and the only choice is to choose one type over another, then the discussion can turn to which type is less dangerous. Until then, we want to see fewer accidents. Period.

The problem here is that politicians are making the decision by looking at things from an economic perspective. Since red light cameras promise to pay for themselves and then some, it’s an easy decision. Cameras come first before other more expensive methods.

What are those expensive methods that help reduce red-light running? For starters, how about retiming signals? Synchronization with the rest of the signal network has the benefit of improving traffic flow in addition to reducing red-light running. Adding a second or two to the yellow has also been shown to reduce collisions. The FHWA offers some more ideas to improve safety here.

There are even newer ideas being put forth to reduce the rate of red-light running. One was presented in the August 2007 issue of the ITE Journal, and the basic premise was to paint the message “Signal Ahead” on the pavement at a precise point before the signal. It would be measured based on the yellow timing and the speed limit so that drivers could know that if the light turned yellow while they were in front of it, they had time to stop safely. If the light turned yellow once they had passed it, they had time to get through the light before it turned red. The article, available without figures here, showed that the rate of red-light running could be reduced 65% with this pavement message.

Painting a pavement message is fairly cheap and retiming signals that need them anyway is also a wise investment. But since cameras actually generate income, they have become the first choice. We can only hope the camera contractors don’t work to reduce the yellow signal length like some have been accused of doing, and we can thank our legislature for keeping these off of state roads until better solutions have been tried. We can also ask for better solutions.

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