10 Responses to City of Miami Trolley #238

  1. That has to be Miami, not Miami Beach, according to the address provided.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that definitely has to be Miami. If that were an address in Miami Beach, it’d put this trolley somewhere in Biscayne Bay between South Beach and the Port of Miami.


  3. Tony garcia says:

    Dunno. The description reads Miami Beach. Maybe it was an early numbering system that has since changed. Made me wonder. I’ll check into it more.


  4. Felipe A says:

    smoove side…


  5. Felipe A says:

    i meant to say “smoove ride”…


  6. You are right, the location is Miami, not Miami Beach. We have corrected the information in the catalog record.


    State Archives of Florida


  7. Dave says:

    I didn’t know the trolleys went as far west as 16th Ave. Does anyone know what the old trolley routes were?


  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if a new trolley system could be remodeled on the old as a means of historic preservation? How cool is it that the State Archives of Florida reads Transit Miami and even edits their info based on the brilliant readers.


  9. Tony Garcia says:

    Pretty cool.


  10. Mitchell Green says:

    There is a book out on the Trolley systems in Dade County.That’s right, systems.There were three,each owned by Miami,Miami Beach,and Coral Gables.The book is called “Biscayne Trolleys”.It is long out of print.


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