Miami’s drivers are not exactly known for their courteous behavior towards cyclists. But who’s to blame for the road rage? An excess amount of colada in their veins? A lack of (driver) education? Insufficient law enforcement? Too much sun perhaps? It’s probably a combination of all of the above…along with the general apathy towards the right to life of other humans who happen to sit on bicycle. Cyclists are frequently perceived as “entitled” or “arrogant” just because they insist on that pesky right of “sharing the road” (without getting killed).  Miami’s Critical Mass does not help much to dispel that notion. There is a definite sense of cyclists and pedestrians being second-class citizens on the road. This cute peek-a-boo road sign in Miami Beach illustrates the attitude well:

Bicycle Sign Miami Beach


Bicycle Sign Miami Beach

..I see you!

This sign seems to say: yeah, there may be bikes out there, sort of watch out for them but don’t go out of your way. Just as the government won’t go out of their way to accommodate for them and install proper signage that is lighted and visible (and bike lanes painted in bright colors…OK I am dreaming now).

Now imagine a sign on I-95 alerting drivers of upcoming exits being hidden in this fashion. Wouldn’t that be rather unsettling? And we are comparing someone missing an exit vs. a human being potentially getting killed by an inadvertent driver here. It’s time to get our priorities straight.


3 Responses to Bicycle Peek-a-boo

  1. Biker Bob says:

    Hatin’ on Critical Mass, TM? You guys sure are “Miami,” aren’t you?


  2. TransitDave says:

    Not to mention that the hedge is also taking up half of the sidewalk, in addition to hiding the sign. But, this is a code enforcement issue, seen all over Miami Dade, but especially in the nicer higher traffic parts of town like my old neighborhood in the Gables near UM……


  3. Mike Moskos says:

    Look at the bright side: if trends continue and the young continue to avoid cars, Miami is going to have a huge amount of well-maintained road lanes that can be used solely by bikes.

    If the cars are no longer filling them, it makes sense simply to turn them over to bikes (or in some cases, pedestrians). Cheaper and better than building narrow bike lanes.


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