The City of Miami Commissioners  approved a resolution back in October 2010 to fence a public street on NW 15 Street and NW 25 Street, thereby restricting pedestrians access to our public streets.

In February of 2011 however, the County Public Works Department told Belle Meade residents that it could not build a fence because it restricted access to pedestrians and cyclists.  The County PWD pretty much deemed the fence illegal because it conflicted with the Comprehensive Plan.  Here is what the NW 15 Street and NW 25 Street resolution said…

A)The Department of Public Works shall approve the design and the Department of Capital
Improvements shall install the fence and barricade to prohibit vehicular and pedestrian
access, ensuring no public access;
b) the fence and barricade shall be maintained by the Department of Public Works ; and
c) all applicable laws.

I’m confused…So who’s in charge here? The County or the City? Shouldn’t the City have checked with the County first?  I’m glad the County PWD does not allow  fencing that restricts pedestrian and cyclist access.  If this fence did actually go up, it should come down along with the $1.7 million tax payer funded wall surrounding Coral Gate. What a waste of money.

Personally, I would like to see the planning department involved in this dialogue. From the email thread that I received it does not appear that the city’s planning department was ever consulted.

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One Response to City of Miami Approves Fencing of Public Street. What will the County Public Works Department do?

  1. John says:

    Will they be installing traffic bollards or those crowd control barricade fences? Either way it will be a great improvement to keep crowd traffic under control.


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