4 Responses to Thank You County Public Works Department!

  1. kevin says:



  2. 311 says:

    Government needs the community to report incidence of traffic signals malfunctioning, street lights out, debris on public lands and other minor maintenance items. Please feel free to call 311 and log any additional community needs.


  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thanks 311. Please allow me to suggest that 311 create a website/ email address where photos can be emailed through the use of smart phones.


  4. Prem says:

    That suggestino would require that someone do something out of their comfort zone! For it to be of any help would require that 311 employees actually follow up on customer complaints and suggestions.

    Of dozens of complaints i’ve made before and after the implementation of 311 I’ve never received a follow up call from MDT or any one for that matter. Never had a phone call returned after leaving a message for someone in any department of MDT.

    Thanks 311, your presence here is more useful than your presence after dialing 311 on my phone, which is almost not helpful at all.
    How many times have I corrected 311 employees on bus scheduling issues? Let me count the ways.


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