Last night I was in downtown Miami’s Bicentennial Park playing for the first time in the WAKA Kickball League with a group of friends. The park was packed around the four makeshift fields as over 16 teams played. The event is sponsored by Gordon Biersch in Brickell where most teams returned to after for discounted drinks and food.

Downtown was already abuzz due to the Hanah Montana concert next door, but to me it was simply amazing to see this neglected park come full of life after hours. Whatever becomes of Bicentennial/Museum Park, we must ensure that space is left for after hour activities. In addition to our crowds of spectators, we also had a few local homeless folks watching, laughing, and having a great time. I couldn’t agree more with Paul George; Miami’s “Front Porch” is ready for a revival…

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  1. Benji says:

    Miami resident here, now in grad school in Boston, just recently left Miami in the fall. I played in the inaugural Miami kickball league which was in Bayfront Park, and then I played two seasons in the Bicentennial field league. Also, for those that didn’t know, WAKA has 2 annual championship tournaments, and they hosted one in Bicentennial a year and a half ago.

    Along with the great social factor the game had in my life (you meet a type of person in kickball that is hard to get to know in the general craziness of south beach and our whole nightlife scene), it brought me happy chills to actually go to downtown once a week after work and have fun and spend time surrounded by our beautiful skyline. It felt for a few short moments that I was in a Chicago, SanFran, NY type of place, which is a great feeling, being able to appreciate our city’s urban beauty that way.

    I’m all for the remodeling of Bicentennial, but I hope space for kickball and the likes remains. Now Bayfront Park, there’s a whole different issue, that park has been made almost unpark-like, jammed with too much stuff in the past year (playground, movie in the park, trapeze school). Hopefully we can all help figure that park out too.


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