It seems like we can’t get a handle on the broken pedestrian crosswalk signal problem that plagues our city.

Calle Ocho and SW 5th Avenue This pedestrian crosswalk signal has been broken for at least 3 weeks

SW 7th Avenue and South Miami Avenue. This pedestrian crosswalk signal has been broken for at least 1 week

6 Responses to Transit Miami Eye: Broken Pedestrian Crosswalks Signals

  1. Ayer says:

    I think the second one is S. Miami Ave and S 7th St.

    Have you called MD Public Works Signs and Signals?


  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    Going forward I will contact MD Public Works Signs and Signals prior to posting. I sent them an email this morning.


  3. response to Felipe says:

    Please report all traffic control problems to 311 immediately. Knowing and not reporting items in the community because you want a story does not help you or anyone else. There are over 5,000 miles of streets only in the City of Miami and there is no way to monitor every signal, sign, sidewalk, crosswalk, etc. Each city, county and state has maintanence crews that work full time repairing and replacing the traffic control devices that make civilized commuting possible. Please report any signal, signage, illegal dumping, trees to be trimmed, homelessness, or other neighborhood items to 311 and you will be given a report identification number to check the status. Please allow 2-4 weeks. Thank-you for taking ownership in your neighborhoods.


  4. Felipe Azenha says:

    Agreed. But the turn around time
    to repair a crosswalk signal needs
    to be a lot quicker. 2-4 weeks is
    too long. 311 should also consider
    a smart phone application to report
    problems. Thanks for your comment.


  5. Robert Williams says:

    When inoperative ped signals are brought to our attention, we usually repair them within a few days, sometimes within a few hours, depending on workloads. These two problems were just brought to my attention and they will be repaired ASAP.

    As noted above, the fastest way to get future similar problems repaired is to report them immediately. We at the Public Works Dept. appreciate, and rely on, input from the public.

    Robert Williams
    Chief, Traffic Signals & Signs Division
    Miami-Dade Public Works


  6. Felipe Azenha says:

    Again, thank you Mr. Williams. Going
    forward I promise to send problems
    to your attention prior to posting. I’m
    very encouraged to hear that your
    department takes this matter seriuosly.
    Your quick response time is a clear
    indication of your commitment to
    fixing these problems. I would encourage
    the county PWD to consider developing
    a smart phone application to report
    these types of problems. It is our
    responsibility to bring these problems
    to our local officials. A smart phone
    application would certainly facilitate
    the reporting of these types of problems.


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