Transit Miami announces campaign for temporary street closures during Wynwood’s ’2nd Saturday’ ArtWalk.

The Second Saturday of each month in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District has rapidly become the ‘must-do’ activity in Miami. For one night a month, NW 2nd Avenue from NW 20th street to NW 29th street becomes a lively festival of art, food trucks, community and celebration - drawing thousands of visitors and growing with each passing month.

But what should be a leisurely, fun and safe stroll through galleries and exhibits of the emerging neighborhood has become a competition of sorts - thousands of pedestrians jockeying for space on narrow, overcrowded sidewalks while a row of constantly idling motorized traffic sits in NW 2nd Avenue. As people spill off the sidewalks and into the street, the conflicts between vehicle and pedestrian are exacerbated. ArtWalk is less about “walking” then it is about delicately squeezing between rows of parked and traffic-clogged vehicles to make your way through the event.

People compete with vehicles each 2nd Saturday in Wynwood - even though people outnumber cars by the thousands.

If Wynwood is known for it’s street art, then it’s time we put the art in the street.

Only 8 feet of pavement width is dedicated for thousands people on NW 2nd Ave (sidewalks) while nearly 40 feet is reserved for idling and parked motorized vehicles (street).

Imagine the possibilities if NW 2nd Avenue was closed to motor vehicles and opened for people during this once-a-month event? People, art and vendors can fill the streets. Parents and children can walk and cross safely. The neighborhood sounds will be of music and energy, rather than exhaust-spewing engines.

No cars on NW 2nd Avenue means we could have a real street art festival.

Transit Miami calls for a partnership between the City of Miami and local Wynwood business owners to arrange for a temporary street closure to motor vehicles to enhance the event’s potential and safety. Yes it will cost some money, but given the event’s popularity and overwhelming crowds, it’s a justifiable expenditure to ensure the long-term prosperity of ArtWalk.

To join the movement to put the walk into ArtWalk, join our Facebook group here or leave your name and e-mail in the comment section below.

A recent open streets event in Hamilton, Ontario

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9 Responses to Time to Put the Walk into ArtWalk

  1. BCG says:

    Love this idea, now if only the established businesses can make it happen.
    I also think it would work best from 22nd St - 27th St.


  2. It should also be noted that the Biscayne/Brickell Trolley was in circulation for the last Wynwood Art Walk & I didn’t it being used, probably since everyone could park their cars right on NW 2 AV!


  3. This is an idea whose time has come.


  4. MYRA WEXLER says:

    EXCELLENT idea!!!


  5. Jerry says:

    This is an amazing thing for our streets!!


  6. Rose says:

    Great news for artists!!


  7. Liam says:

    the only problem I think is that maybe people will see it as street art (graffiti) and nothing more! hope evryone takes this great idea on board….


  8. Louis says:

    Awesome idea…by the way you guys are doing a great job here at this blog!


  9. prem says:

    two thumbs up for that idea


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