We often hear that Miami is becoming a world-class city, but the sad truth is that Magic City is quickly becoming the country’s first gated city. What’s even worse is our elected officials are championing and using public funds to build walls and fences along the public right-of way, reducing mobility options for the general public and dividing communities in a futile attempt to reduce crime.  This type of reactive urban planning is being used by elected officials to appease their constituents, but the truth is there is no evidence that gated communities are any safer than non-gated communities.

Meanwhile, Miami has one of lowest police–to-residents ratios of any major city in the United States.  I’ve lost count, but we’ve had at least 2 or 3 police chiefs in the last four years.  The city has failed to provide enough officers to patrol the streets of Miami and now the city is scrambling to add 33 officers to the police force this year.

A few years ago, the city coughed up about $1,700,000 to build a wall for the Coral Gate community.  Here are the pictures of our elected officials celebrating their ugly tax-payer funded wall.  What’s even worse is that these pictures are posted on the city of Miami’s website as if this is something to be proud of; it’s not. Quite frankly, it is an embarrassment. A world-class city should not support gated communities, much less pay for them.

Sorry fellas, but celebrating a wall that divides communities and reduces mobility options is nothing to be proud of.

Sorry fellas, but celebrating a wall that divides communities and reduces mobility options is nothing to be proud of. Especially when the city foots the bill.

About 6 months ago Commissioner Sarnoff ponied up another $50,000 for Belle Meade to build a fence. See for yourselves how ridiculous and infective this fence is:

Now Morningside residents are considering a fence around the perimeter of their neighborhood as well. No word yet if the city will pay for Morningside’s fence too.

No elected official should be proud of this piecemeal ineffective urban planning strategy.  Quite the contrary, the city should not even allow walls or fences to be built.  I’m not sure why the city’s Planning Department allows this to happen.

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6 Responses to Does Miami Want to Become a World Class City or a Gated City?

  1. james santoli says:

    awesome video


  2. Walter Ward says:

    The only question I ask “Are they public streets or private to the community? Who takes care of the maintenance?


  3. Juan Navarro says:

    The sad thing is that PEOPLE want this. Living in Miami Springs we don’t have this, instead t’s such a close knit of neighbors watching for neighbors that many don’t even see that it’s worth it. PLus our cops are known for being “dicks” which is if anything, a good way to know you’re police are doing their job. I bet you find the company who put that gate in, you’ll find the payola connection to the commissioner.


  4. PublicMisuse says:

    Walter, they are public streets. Belle Meade and Morningside can’t stop anyone from driving/walking in. I’m not even sure their gates with the arm blocking the path while the guard writes down your license plate is entirely legal/needs to be followed.


  5. Upper East Sider says:

    With employment at 10% countywide and at 70% in Overtown and Liberty City there are too many criminals breaking into homes and vehicles.


  6. what planning dept says:

    What Planning Department? Have you watched a commission meeting lately or listened to the director and assistant director squerm like a millipede to avoid questions they have no clue about. Have you seen the “special area plans” quoted by a recent attorney as “the code allows for any modifications”. Have you noticed the lack of liner buildings on parking garages? GONE OUT OF THE CODE. A wall is minor potatoes- It’s the wild west giveaway.


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