The first official Transit Miami “shout-out” goes to the Traffic Signals and Signs Division over at the CPWD. Mr. Robert Williams and his staff came through and fixed the broken pedestrian crosswalk signal below in a very timely manner.  The Traffic Signals and Signs Division should be recognized for their commitment to making our streets safer for all pedestrians. According the Mr. Williams, if you contact their department @ ts&, problems such as these will be repaired ASAP, generally within a few hours, but may take up to a few days. This is a much better response then we received from 311 which informed us that it could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the repair.

Keep up the good work Traffic Signals and Signs Division!

SW 7th Avenue and South Miami Avenue is now working after a quick repair.

5 Responses to A Transit Miami Shout-Out: Traffic Signals & Signs Division Miami-Dade PWD

  1. Kesley says:

    This goes to show the headless, bureaucratic monster that things can become when they don’t make connections. Why can’t 311 just contact these people themselves?


  2. Richard R-P says:

    I’m so glad to come across this post today. There’s signage that needs to fixed at the intersection of N. Bayshore Dr. & NE 20th St. I guess these are the guys to contact?


  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    Yes, please send them an email. Mr. Williams is a TM reader and has informed our readers that this is the best way to get pedestrian crosswalk signals fixed. It is our responsibility to report problems like this to them. Thanks.


  4. Richard R-P says:



  5. Felipe Azenha says:

    Please let us know when it is repaired.


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