In the name of challenging our understanding of global visual cues, can anybody identify this museum? It should be noted that there is little parking anywhere nearby and the building was built within a very reasonable budget. Interesting design does not require a great deal of money, just great designers and there are many who work for reasonable compensation. Many who need and deserve the opportunity to do so, as well. The main volume seems to levitate over the glass enclosed first floor. Nearly the entire main volume is sheathed in very inexpensive (with very little weight) translucent ‘cow wall’. Requirements to light the building are diminished greatly with the entire building being translucent. I realize this material is probably not suitable for hurricanes, but there are always creative solutions.

5 Responses to Transitography 5

  1. Alex says:

    New York Hall Of Science in Queens. It would have been easier to identify if the humongous Atlas rocket were in the picture.


  2. James Wilkins says:

    Very nice Alex! I wondered if anyone would recognize the form of The Great Hall to the right.


  3. Alex says:

    I owe it to my daughter being such a geek -I know every museum of science, planetarium, acuarium and zoo in every city we ever visit.


  4. James Wilkins says:

    Well done. How old is she? Her fascination will surely lead to great things.


  5. Alex says:

    10 years old. Yep, she’s brilliant (takes after her father heh).


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