Last night County Commissioners voted in favor of Vision Zero 305. Much like NYC’s Vision Zero NYC, Vision Zero 305 is a set of comprehensive policies developed in Sweden and aimed at a future in which no one is killed or seriously injured by traffic.

Miami is the 3rd most deadly metropolitan area in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians. Vision Zero 305 will be based on the refusal to accept that human death or lifelong suffering from injury is an acceptable result of road traffic. In order to achieve this vision, our traffic systems must be designed with the understanding that people make mistakes and that traffic crashes cannot be avoided completely. Roads should be designed so that when crashes do occur, they do not result in serious injury or death.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez had this to say:

“My fellow commissioners and I have finally come to recognize that Miami is about 2 decades behind other so-called “world class cities” when it comes to pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. We have a public safety crisis unfolding on our streets and we need to make our streets safer for everyone; we need to design our streets for people, not cars. There clearly has been no leadership or vision from anyone on the County Commission when it comes to preventing traffic deaths, but that is about to change. We will no longer strive to become the deadliest metropolitan area in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians.  Instead we will strive to have the safest streets in the country.”

According to Commissioner Xavier Suarez, “the County will implement a complete streets policy and we will hold police accountable when it comes to doing their job; we actually expect them to enforce traffic laws.”

This is a big step in the right direction.  Let’s just hope this is just not the same old political posturing that we’re tired of hearing.


8 Responses to County Announces New Vision for Pedestrians and Cyclists: Vision Zero 305

  1. Marta Viciedo says:

    And if only it weren’t April Fools Day…


  2. First of all, many thanks for the work that you do, which is sorely needed in our town. This is the first time that I post, even though I’ve been lurking for a bit.

    I have only two thoughts about these news:

    1. My usual cynical response. Every time that there’s a fatality or serious injury everyone, especially politicians become believers and evangelists. Let’s see how long it lasts, especially when all the “talk” has to be balanced with all the funding cuts that the county has made, some not necessary, while others way past due.

    2. Mr. Mayor and County Commissioners, please, please, please prove me wrong and make me apologize… get on my knees and ask for forgiveness. I don’t think that there’s the political will to do anything, but talk. Cyclist are not influential in the way other lobbyist are.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion.

    Francisco R Gonzalez
    Westchester, FL


  3. Anonymous says:

    I want it but this smells like onion


  4. mike arias says:

    As I read this article I almost choked since I could not believe what I was reading. Lets hope that, these commitments are not going to be unkept promises or rather more smoke and mirrors to come that will not be beneficial for anyone.

    Time will tell whether there is finally going to be true commitment to prioritize the public safety of the pedestrians and the bicyclists which are the most vulnerable users on ALL of the public roadways throughout Miami Dade County and the State of Florida as well.


  5. ivo says:

    was that an April’s fool joke?


  6. Felipe Azenha says:

    This is an April Fools Day joke.


  7. Angel Martinez says:

    Hoping it comes true, and so as this below:

    On another note, Transit MIAMI Dudes and dudettes, get on LinkedIN!, so you can connect with other urban professionals that share your vision

    Thanks for your work on walkability


  8. Mike arias says:

    If this was an April fools joke you should be ashamed since this prank has undoubtedly tarnished the credibility of your site.

    Lets grow up and be mature and responsible since there are motorists, pedestrians, and bicylists that are either injured or killed everyday in Miami Dade as a result of the lack of public safety currently existing on the public roadways throughout Miami Dade and the State of Florida as well.

    This issue is certainly no laughing or joking matter to make light of especially for those that fortunately survived their brush with their death on the public roadways or for those which unfortunately did not survive simply ask their loved surviving family members and friends.


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