Add Rome to the growing number of international cities implementing bike sharing programs. Details are currently sparse, but the Roman version will kick off with a pilot program, which will include 250 bikes at 22 stations throughout the city’s historic center. If (when) fully implemented, the Roman program will boast approximately 20,000 bikes citywide, similar to Paris’ Velib program. Also like Paris, Rome has hired an advertising giant, Cemusa, to set up the system.

Miami, the writing is on the wall. I still challenge the City of Miami Beach to at least pursue a pilot bike sharing program for a few months, even if it’s just confined to South Beach. I am so confident the program would prove to be wildly successful, even without a high level of bicycle infrastructure (bike lanes, bike parking, traffic calming, etc) installed yet. This is the time of year to introduce such a program as well, given the phenomenal weather and massive influx of tourists (see: traffic).

Photo: Walter Parenteau’s Flickr


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3 Responses to Rome Embraces Bike Sharing

  1. Anonymous says:

    This would be an excellent thing to have in Miami Beach. An what a hot market for advertisers. Have you proposed the idea to anyone outside of this forum? Maybe some calls to commissioners would be a good start. Are there companies here that could set up and implement such a program? It may make more sense to find a company that can do that and get them to start lobbying the commission, and then we of this forum could also express the desired interest.

  2. Ryan Sharp says:

    Thanks anon - I’m considering moving forward with such a proposal. Thanks for the support and I’ll keep everyone updated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’m sure it would be a great success, at least in Miami Beach!!!!!!
    Go for it!!!

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