New Bike Racks at the 5th & Alton Mall

I needed some things for dinner and quickly rode my bike to Publix at the Mall on 5th & Alton. It’s sort of a given that there would be no bike parking and I’d have to lock my bike to the garbage can, and indeed its what I had to do, but for a very different reason: there were new bike racks all full of bikes!

There are 13 new bike racks along the Publix side of the mall on 6th St, in addition to the two original ones.

Kudos go to the developer for actually delivering on what they promised the City of Miami Beach and for providing a service for their customers.

I did a quick circuit of the mall to see if there were more new bike racks. I saw four racks near the corner of Lenox and 5th, by the Vitamin Shoppe (I can’t remember if they are new or not, but I can’t really recall having seem them there before) and that was it. Since there are no stores on the 5th St-facing side of the mall yet there’s no big issue though once Petco finally opens, things may be different (the image below’s probably a small taste).

Still, thanks for the new bike racks. It makes me feel like we can indeed expect future bike needs to be met as well.


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5 Responses to New Bike Racks at the 5th & Alton Mall

  1. Felipe Azenha says:

    This is great news. Congratulation to the city of Miami and the developer for making this happen so quickly. Good job keeping the pressure on Daniel. Going forward I hope we can learn that any future development like this on Miami Beach should consider bicycle parking. It is obvious that parking was needed here by the pictures taken; the bicycle parking is almost full! Now we need to get the city of Miami Beach to start painting more bicycle lanes on south beach.


  2. I’ve been wondering what the response from City Hall was, since this seems to have happened by surprise to all involved apart from the developer. I’m hoping we can expect the same kind of proactivity (with a little prodding) moving forward.


  3. kyle says:

    Great news! I’m happy to read that the developer actually cared enough to add more bike parking. I hope this goes to prove how important bicycling is in Miami. Maybe the city can start reducing it’s auto parking requirements and up the bike parking numbers. Wishful thinking, now if only we add bike lanes all throughout the city. If only…


  4. Robert Rosenberg says:

    That’s great, and I just saw them too as I rode by on my bike this week, but….I absolutely HATE these kinds of racks, and wish they had made room for a few dedicated racks with the curving up and down bar that allows many bikes to park and lock in the same place. In a covered area as well. In fact, the small upside down U-shaped racks can only hold two bikes, so the total bike parking is still kind of limited for a bike-intensive area like South Beach. Sure, much better than nothing (I had to hunt around for a spare pole in a one block radius before this), but what’s wrong with expecting something better?


  5. Felipe Azenha says:

    Hi Robert,

    I agree we certainly could use covered parking. When I ride my bike I like parking my bike with dignity. As for the actual bike rack design, I’m going to have to disagree with you. I like the inverted U racks and actually I think they are one of the few well designed racks on the market. Although they only provide parking for two bicycles, these racks allow the bicyclists to lock the front wheel and frame securely to the rack. They are also wide enough so that your bicycle leans firmly and flush against the rack.

    Although the developers really impressed me with their response, bicycle parking needed to be considered during the design stage of this project. It should not have been an after thought. Since this was not done and the issue was only brought up after construction was completed, a bicycle shelter should have been considered.


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