The FDOT continues to turn a blind eye to all the crashes that we have documented in the Upper Eastside on Biscayne Boulevard over the past year. The below scene must have occurred in the past 24 hours or so on Biscayne Boulevard and 48th Street. Another day and another light pole on Biscayne comes crashing down as the FDOT does nothing to make Biscayne Boulevard safer for those of use that walk, bike, shop, use transit or drive on this street. When will the FDOT actually acknowledge that there is a fundamental design problem with the way Biscayne Boulevard was constructed and actually do something about it? With at least 9 accidents in the past year the evidence is very clear.  Are they waiting for some to die before they fix Biscayne? The design speed needs to be commensurate with the 35 mph speed limit. Currently the design speed is about 45 mph.

9th light pole this year; 2nd in four days

Debris field spreads out about 75 feet from point of impact. Speeding is clearly a problem.


4 Responses to The FDOT Reindeer Games Continue on Biscayne Boulevard; 9th Crash in Less Than One Year, 2nd Crash in Four Days

  1. S M G says:

    The City shares some of that blame. FDOT chooses to follow an antiquated “federal highway” design standard, unfortunately. At the same time, our elected officials should do what’s right and fight for our residents, as opposed to allowing a “super highway” to cut through our neighborhoods. There are ways, if there’s a will…


  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    S M G,

    You are absolutely correct. The City (and County) need to intervene and make suggestions on behalf of the residents and businesses. They clearly aren’t doing this. This became glaringly obvious with the whole Brickell Avenue debacle. Sarnoff and Gimenez “came to the rescue” after Transit Miami began raising a big stink about the Brickell Ave project. Too little, too late- and still not nearly is being done to make Brickell pedestrian-friendly.


  3. You should report this to all the news stations so they can blast FDOT.This is crazy.I agree with you.The way they designed the road was wrong.And their answer for the problem was that Biscayne Blvd is a State highway and it must be design as a highway I think that They should use command sense when it comes to designing roads. The Lincolm Highway is a State Road in NYC but they don’t design it to highway standard in the city center. I drive down the “new Biscayne”, It doesn’t feel like your in the city. It feels like your in west Dade.


  4. Prem says:

    Some one has died on biscayne, albeit not on the sidewalk. Let’s not forget Rodolfo Rojo.


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