Around 11:00am this morning a cyclist was hit on Brickell Avenue. The cyclist is currently in the trauma center with a broken leg and pelvis, his injuries are considered to be life treating.   I spoke with two witnesses and this is what I believed happened:

The cyclist was traveling east on SE 14th street.  I’m not sure if the cyclist was riding on the road or on the sidewalk, but apparently he was attempting to cross to the east side of Brickell Avenue.  One of the witnesses I interviewed, a pedestrian, said she was crossing Brickell Avenue on the north side of SE 14th Street intersection from east to west.  She confirmed that the “walk” signal had just changed; indicating pedestrians had the right of way.  The other witness I spoke to claims the Ford Explorer was traveling west on SE 14th Street and was making a left turn onto Brickell Avenue heading south when he struck the cyclist. I also overheard the driver saying he had a green light. If these are the facts, then the driver failed to yield to the cyclist while making a left turn. If my assessment is correct, the Miami Police Department should have issued a ticket for failure to “yield to pedestrian”.

This afternoon I decided to shoot some video at the exact location where this accident occurred. (Brickell Avenue and SE 14th Street). As I was filming this 30-second video two women were nearly hit by a red Cadillac (20 seconds). They must flail their arms in order to get the Cadillac to yield. Also, watch as 5 vehicles fail to yield to the pedestrians that are in the crosswalk.  This happens every single day.  Again, there is no enforcement.  The City of Miami could probably balance their budget in a week if they started handing out “Yield to Pedestrian” tickets.


When are our elected officials and the FDOT going to acknowledge that we have a serious problem on Brickell Avenue? How many more people need to be critically injured or must die before they act? Where is our enforcement? How many “yield to pedestrian” tickets have been issued in the past two years around Brickell? My guess is none.

We are still anxiously waiting for Commissioner Sarnoff, Mayor Regalado, County Commissioner Gimenez and the FDOT to announce more safety improvements as was promised during a recent press conference on Brickell Avenue. The FDOT is quick to make safety improvements for motor vehicles, but in the process they are actually creating more dangerous conditions for pedestrians. During the past year I am personally aware of at least a half dozen accidents around Brickell Avenue. This entire situation is utterly disgraceful. As the Brickell population continues to grow ,and our streets maintain an antiquated and autocentric design, the situation will only get worse. Deaths and injuries are certain to increase exponentially if nothing is done.

We hope the cyclist makes a quick recovery.

Please find links to all the accidents which have been documented below:



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18 Responses to Cyclist Hit on Brickell Avenue at Dangerous Intersection; Injuries are Life Threatening

  1. I honestly do not believe that this will get any better until drivers internalize and buy into better driving behaviors. I believe it is a cultural problem here in South Florida that car is king and “damn you if you’re in my way.” Enforcement starts with the enforcers improving their own behavior. More often than not police are speeding, not stopping for a right on red, etc. They are intended to be the example and unfortunately perpetuate the example by bad behavior. I do not have any axe to grind against police, have not had a ticket in at least 15 years. Just stating my observations.


  2. John Hopkins says:

    Darned good video, Felipe! It’s painful to see all those cars zoom around that turn while the women were already in the crosswalk. You’re right — we need some visible enforcement out there!


  3. Craig says:

    Excellent work and reporting, Felipe.

    While the poisonous culture of aggressive driving and ignorance to right-of-way laws in Miami is obviously a problem, this intersection is exceptionally bad. There is a natual confilct created by the traffic pattern and innocent pedestrians are put in the crosshairs of vehicles. This video illustrates the conflict quite well as you can clearly see they have the ‘countdown’ clock in their favor.

    I sent Comissioner Sarnoff an e-mail about the last pedestrian accident on Brickell a few weeks ago and did not receive a response to it,

    We have lobbied the FDOT enough. The problem will only get worse as Brickell continues to grow and thrive. Do our officials really want the reputation of a promising community to be one of danger, injury and death from a roadway design?

    We should demonstrate. I believe that safety of the citizenry should be the #1 issue of our city and state government. They are NOT getting it. We need to make more noise.


  4. Nick says:

    Someone needs to cross the street with some of the elected official and see how there reaction is to the problem.

    Maybe just maybe it will change there mind.


  5. Hank Sanchez-Resnik says:

    Thanks, Felipe! We have to keep the pressure on. How about starting a petition to the mayor and commissioners using


  6. we live in a car crazy world


  7. LG says:

    I would suggest to send copies of your emails not only to Comm. Sarnoff, but also to the Police commander of the area, to the NET Director Haydee Wheeler, and Comm. Sarnoff’s staff, Ron Nelson and William Plasencia. Send the link to the video as well. How about some volunteers meet up and distribute flyers to educate the drivers at that intersection? It may make a difference to save a live, one intersection at a time. I’m in!


  8. Keith says:

    The Metro Mover is right there as well so pedestrian traffic is really heavy. Also with Segafredo and Novecento there there are often drunks and hotheads in their Masserati’s or whatever driving obnoxniously. I trully dont’ feel that anything will change in Brickell in the near future. I have been here about 2 years and it has gotten worse in my view. I got grazed in the arm by a side-mirror the other day will jogging in the bike sharrow lane of South Miami Ave between 15th and 25th. It was a police car going about 40 or 50. He didn’t stop or even notice that it had happened. ….only a drastic shift is policing and enforcement will change this and I personally don’t see that happening anytime soon. If you demonstrate they may put a motorcycle cop there for a week and then forget about it since the entire department is in need of an overhaul. (and for cyclists, of which I am one, I don’t normally jog in the sharrow lane but due to construction crews blocking the sidewalks by 1800 or so I was forced to…since the sidewalks are often blocked on Brickell I thought I would try s. miami….no luck)


  9. ruhappy says:

    The short video on this webpage “Streetfilms on Traffic Calming” reinforces that police enforcement and signs are not the real answer. Think about it, even in good times the City does not have the manpower to adequately enforce traffic throughout this city. These vehicular safety issues are not just in Brickell, they go north/south & to the City Limits. FDOT needs to pony up traffic calming devices to slow traffic 24/7. However, If the police have slow times after 7PM, from time to times, they could sit on Biscayne Blvd and issue some hefty speeding tickets and collect some extra revenue.


  10. Felipe Azenha says:

    Agreed Ruhappy. The long term solution is for the FDOT to redesign/calm traffic on Brickell. But we also need some short term enforcement; currently there is absolutely no enforcement on Brickell. The Miami Police Department needs to send a strong message that failure to yield to pedestrians will no be tolerated around Brickell.

    Your point is well received. We don’t have to look any further then the Rickenbacker Causeway. Enforcement increased immediately after a cyclist was killed last year, now you would be hard pressed to find much enforcement on the Rickenbacker Causeway. The long term solution is a redesign of the Rickenbacker Causeway too. We cannot enforce our way out of poor design on Brickell Ave or on the Rickenbacker Causeway.


  11. Craig says:

    Also, productive enforcement is more than just plopping an officer at an intersection. It should begin with a publicawareness campaign that pre-emptively says what will happen in the neighborhood. Posters, signage, HOA meetings, etc. Create awaness of the enforcement plan with local residents and businesses. Explain the reasoning. Then aggressively enforce the laws at trouble spots. Then balance the city budget with the fines!


  12. B says:


    What suggestions do you have for Rickenbacker? Here is my idea: 1.) Right lanes should be re-striped as frontage lanes with speed limit of 30 mph, in the parts where there are 3 lanes, and 2.) Bike lanes need matchstick dividers in some sections, especially bridges (where there are only 2 lanes). Crosswalks with signaled crosswalks are needed at bus stops.


  13. TransitDave says:

    I lived at the Fortune House, 1 block east of this intersection for 5 years, and I would never assume any of the maniacs that drive there would stop for me……Which is ridiculous, since there is a mover stop right there, and lots of people trying to cross Brickell Ave, especially at 11 Am…..Even so, the stop light has only been there for 3 or 4 years…..When I first moved there, there wasn’t even a stop light at that intersection, much less a pedestrian crossing…..


  14. Felipe Azenha says:

    You can find our recommendations for the Rickenbacker here:


  15. Chris says:

    I work right where this happened (saw it out the window to the office). I cross there all the time too. What usually happens is the “walk” signal wont change from the red “palm” unless you hit the button before the lights change, so cars think they can plow over pedestrians in the intersection. I’ve almost gotten hit several times.


  16. […] will ensure that her medical bills are covered and that justice is ensured. *Photo courtesy of Transit Miami Tags: bicycle, hit and run, […]


  17. Brickellavenuepedestrian says:

    I started a feed on instagram called Brickellavenuepedestrian because I see this every single day, and the worst thing is that I see cops all the time, but they only give tickets to speeders and illegal uturns, but not to cars who almost run pedestrians over. The intersection of Brickell and 13th street is really the most dangerous Intersection I have ever seen. Now that it is under construction (making it even more dangerous) there are no cops at all.


  18. Joaquin says:

    Most of the riders I see on Miami do not obey the street lights. They believe they own the road. Miami also has a lot of idiot drivers lethal combination.


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