Today’s quote of the day comes from Transit Miami reader Keith.  Keith made the following observation regarding the FDOT-Brickell resurfacing project:

Who regulates/monitors/chooses construction companies working on sidewalks? 2 days in row now I have watched a crew tear up the southbound side sidewalk near the 1800 block of Brickell Ave and put up a bunch of signs that simply say “Sidewalk Closed” and leave no way to get through even through the grassy area as their equipment or piles of concrete are in the way. Today a poor woman with a stroller had to go back probably 1/2 mile in order to find a safe place to cross The crew sat there in the shade eating lunch while they watched her struggle……just ridiculous.

Here’s a Transit Miami request: Arm thyself with your smartphone and either send or post pictures on our Facebook page of all the craziness you witness during this resurfacing project.  Once construction is completed we will create an album and revisit “The FDOT’s Worst Practices.”  This is a team effort folks, there is no “I” in team, so we need your help.


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2 Responses to Brickell Quote of the Day

  1. Rocki says:

    I am so on this, I am there everyday. Pics to come.

  2. Eddie Suarez says:

    similar event happened to me but on US1 and SW 80st. Crew tore up the sidewalk a half block south of SW 80st and put up a sign saying Sidewalk Closed / Cross Here and the arrow directing me to cross US1 mid-block!!! I asked the crewmen if they thought me crossing US1 would be safe or if they think I’d die. They shrugged and told me to go around. Around where I asked? They said Around. I said there is no around. They eventually let me carry my bike through the torn up sidewalk.

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