This video is great. Please forward this video to Mayor Regalado and County Mayor Gimenez. There is no reason why we can’t do this in the 305, all we need is a little leadership and vision.  I’ll pay for the paint.



2 Responses to Making Miami’s Mean Streets Safer

  1. Marta Viciedo says:

    I’ll chip in for the paint too!


  2. No One says:

    I wonder if it is possible for a private non-profit/motivated individual to apply for a special use type permit to install this type of thing.

    This woman talked about the importance of a temporary/trial basis. No one has to risk their reputation on something on some “utopian ideal”. I wouldn’t even call it a transportation project. Let’s say, you survey the interested parties along a proposed route, worked up a budget, pulled the permits and held a place painting party and harvested the data and interviewed the stakeholders. The next time the idea is proposed, you’ve got hard facts from an actual local installation. I’ll bet it would cost 2% what consultants would charge to “study” the options. Although, that assumes massive pro-bono contributions.

    I’ll bet there is already a group hard at work on this or something similar.


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