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Looking North for Some Obvious Answers

Perhaps Miami should look north for some answers on how to regulate our urban sprawl. Central Florida community leaders are presenting 4 alternatives on the future growth patterns the area can choose to take for regional developments and are allowing area residents to choose which path the region should take from now till 2050. I think its exceptional thinking on the part of city planners to choose a plan of action for regional growth over the next 40 years while educating the public on the negative effects sprawl will have on their community if the corrective measures aren’t taken. The report is inclusive of urban growth and development patterns, environmental land conservation, area job opportunities, and public transportation. The plan proposes three better urban growth alternatives along with the typical “do-nothing” alternative which would continue the treacherous path of disruptive land use. Needless to say, the citizens are speaking out and are overwhelmingly deciding that the “do-nothing” alternative is not a reasonable plan of action and are instead opting to see denser, smarter developments in their community. Interestingly enough, the seemingly controversial streetcar is included in denser growth patterns, as is extended commuter rail and alternative transit (bike, bus, etc.)

Our region is in dire need of an area wide policy against current land usage patterns. Our neighbors to the north have realized this, why can’t we?

I found this on the website, which has a wealth of information. One of their desired outcomes is something I have had a great deal of difficulty achieving with Miami residents since I started Transit Miami nearly a year ago:

Our Desired Outcomes:

  • Build a new regional mentality
  • Strengthen and create regional coalitions
  • Maximize opportunities and address challenges

Changing people’s minds will be the hardest objective for any visionary plan in this Country. The already disillusioned “American Dream” has morphed into an uncanny desire to lay claim to large tracts of land, repeatedly misuse resources, and generally live in an unsustainable manner. To attempt a reversal of this mindset would require a figurative amending of the constitution as well as widespread progressive leadership to reverse the suburbanization of American Culture witnessed over the prior six decades…

  • Heck, they even address the fragmentation which has occurred in the region…
  • Check out who is on board

The No Dog Left Behind Act…

Florida Lawmakers are at it again, ensuring our biggest needs are taken care of with due diligence. No, not our lagging education system, nor is it our highly inadequate transportation initiatives, or anything else we might deem to be important. Under a new Bill, the Florida legislature is about to ensure that your loveable pooch gets the proper socializing skills it deserves. Thanks to the measures of Republican Representative Sheri McInvale of Orlando, you may soon be able to dine in outdoor seated areas with your dog at your feet. Apparently both House Republicans and Democrats have nothing better to do considering the alleged bipartisan support the measure has received. But don’t panic yet, the Bill would clearly define which outdoor areas would qualify and would require servers to wash their hands after petting any dogs (Maybe we’ll get to see more of those great bathroom diagrams pop-up in out door seating areas as well.) I’ll have the prime rib and bring Fifi a Perrier and a can of Alpo…