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Let’s Talk about PARKING

The esteemed people of are just some of the people talking about car parking challenges this week -
A Very Tight Hoboken Street (
Ian Sacs, Hoboken’s own Department of Transportation and Parking Director, writes an engaging and informative piece on how the exceptionally dense but car-enamored city is anticipating its urban parking problems and introducing [...]

Another Informal Bike Count

Inspired by Daniel’s post, An informal Bike Count, I decided to conduct my very on spontaneous bike count while riding north on West Avenue a couple of weeks ago. My unscientific experiment was carried out around 7:00pm from 9th Street all the way up to Dade Blvd. The route is less than 1 mile and [...]

More New Bike Racks at Fifth & Alton

The “bog box” mall at 5th St and Alton Rd in South Beach surprises us yet again. After installing 14 new bike racks along the Publix front on 6th St, I just spotted 20 new bike racks along the Lenox Ave side of the mall.

I had already seen four when I first reported on the [...]

How about some bicycle racks on the Metrorail trains?

Miami Dade Transit allows bicycles in the last train car, but there isn’t a safe place on the train to store the bicycles. On Sunday there were 10 bicycles in the last car. It was impossible for people to get in and out of the train because the bicycles were littered throughout the entire car; [...]

Ideas for Bicycle Parking

Check out these pictures of bicycle shelters and on-street bicycle parking. These are the types of bicycle parking ideas that should have been implemented at the new shopping center on South Beach. If two on-street parking spaces are removed, there would be enough room to park about 30 bicycles.  Considering the developer just over built [...]

New Bike Racks at the 5th & Alton Mall

New Bike Racks at the 5th & Alton Mall
I needed some things for dinner and quickly rode my bike to Publix at the Mall on 5th & Alton. It’s sort of a given that there would be no bike parking and I’d have to lock my bike to the garbage can, and indeed its what [...]

Letter From Transit Miami Reader

Hi, I read Transit Miami daily, and I know you guys take suggestions for ideas for the blog. I was thinking TM could write something about bikes lanes at our local universities (most notable FIU and UM which have large biking populations). I’m a bicyclist at FIU, and I just recently wrote to our Facilities [...]

South Beach’s New Big Box Shopping Center

The new Big Box shopping center which opened up on South Beach seems to be very popular amongst bicyclists. I have ridden and driven by on a number of occasions and I am astonished to see the number of bicycles parked outside the entrance to new Publix on 6th Street between Lenox Avenue and Alton [...]

Hot Off The Press: The Miami Bicycle Master Plan

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bicycling Magazine voted Miami as the worst city for cycling. Mayor Diaz seemed to take this insult personally, and over the course of the past year and a half, his staff has taken great strides to shed this dishonorable accolade.
Although our bicycling infrastructure has yet to see [...]

Bicycling Civil Disobedience

The Times Union is reporting that seventh-grader Adam Marino has engaged in a noble act of civil disobedience. Adam and his mother, Janette Kaddo Marino, are defying a Saratoga Springs school policy by biking to Maple Avenue Middle School.  Apparently, the school board has a policy that does not allow students to bike [...]

Key West Bicycle Parking

I vacationed in Key West a while back with my wife. I loaded our bicycles on my car, and once we parked the car at our hotel we didn’t need it again until we left. It was a wonderful experience riding all over town. I wanted to share one way that they have implemented bicycle [...]

Montreal: Cool Bike City

In honor of the City of Miami Bike Summit, I thought this shot of bike infrastructure in Montreal could be a promise of things to come …
These bikes all fit into the space of one parked car.

Coconut Grove ‘Art Rack’ Opens to Mixed Reviews

Last Saturday Bike the Grove unveiled the first of three artistic bicycle racks in Peacock Park. Miami Bike Scene and the Coconut Grapevine provide plenty of coverage on this one.  I personally have yet to see it, but from the pictures find it to be underwhelming, if not underperforming. Let’s hope the next two hit [...]

Bike The Grove This Weekend

This Saturday, March 28th, from 4-6pm at the Peacock Park Glass House there will be a special event called Bike the Grove.  Bike the Grove is a partnership between  Team 6, Leadership Miami and the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce. The centerpiece of the event will be the unveiling of a special Lebo designed bicycle [...]

Stadium Passes City Commission, Marlins Commit To LEED Certification

The new Marlins stadium planned for the Orange Bowl site in Little Havana has been approved by the Miami City Commission. County Commissioners will cast their votes early next week. While we have been quite vocal about the stadium’s design and its lack of transit service, I have been told that it is planned to [...]