We just got word that a cyclist was killed in a crash on the MacArthur Causeway involving two cyclists and a small Mazda station wagon. We don’t have all the details, but apparently the cyclists were heading east.  The crash occurred near the Fisher Island ferry.  We hope to provide more details shortly.

This is the 7th bicycle-car crash that I am aware of during the past weekWhen are our elected officials, the FDOT and, the County Public Works department going to take action to make our streets safer? When will we begin designing complete streets for all users and not just cars? How many more pedestrians and cyclists must die before they take action?

This is embarrassing. If things remain the same Florida will continue to lead the nation in bicycle and pedestrian deaths.

This could happen to anyone of us…


28 Responses to Cyclist Killed on MacArthur Causeway, Bloody Week for Cyclists Continues…

  1. Ray Medina says:

    This really sucks… way too may crashes and deaths in our city and roads. I have ridden the causeway before and have totally stopped because the wide should is always full of debries and the cars really really drive crazy around there… they think it is an Indi 500 race or something…

    My heart goes out to their families.

    Hope our city officials can start really educating our motorists terrorists that we do belong on on the roads and that we have the same rights aas them!!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Tragedy that could have been easily stopped!!!!! Lord help the city of Miami and (many) of the people here. Such arrogance from the tip top down. Just horrible. I think I’m done trying to opine and be an activist here. They need to hit rock bottom or something. City management is just plain fucking scum.


  3. Will says:

    Perhaps we should demonstrate by uniting all cyclists and pedestrians, to gather for a mass walk/ride along these dangerous streets of ours. One large event taking place simultaneously at the different places where walking and riding is most difficult: Rickenbacker Causway, MacArthur, Julia Tuttle, etc. Your thoughts?


  4. Jennifer Lane says:

    I am a bike commuter and I work downtown and live in South Beach. I have been taking the Macarthur home on my bike commute because it is faster than the Venetian, but after they redid the roads, they have cut off two areas of bike paths. The first is at the bottom of the bridge. At this point the road curves to the right and as I ride out into the traffic because there is no bike path, I am going into the traffic at a time cars have a hard time seeing me because it is around a corner. The second part of the road where I am forced to ride onto the road where people are driving over 65 mph, is at the new exit for the zoo. I feel as a bike commuter I am helping the environment by not polluting the air, but the city does not support my own efforts by reconstructing the road so that I am forced into the traffic which will one day kill me like many people have been killed riding their bikes on the streets of Miami.


  5. Tracy Towle-Humphrey says:

    I am devastated to hear about this tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the cyclist. I am an avid biker and I am afraif to ever cycle again outside. It is becoming more and more risky, dangerous and not worth it. I pray something can be done to make our roads safer. We need to build areas for bicycles only such as the paths in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. May God be with all cyclists on the road and keep us safe.


  6. Felipe Azenha says:

    Cyclists should not be relegated to cycling in parks or specially designated areas. Many people use a bicycle as their primary means of transportation. We need to design streets that can safely accommodate cyclists, pedestrians, and cars. The FDOT should be leading the charge, but they are the first ones to ignore the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.


  7. Jeff Donnelly says:

    Bicycle lanes are either unsafe or unnecessary. When traffic exceeds 25 mph, they are unsafe; when traffic is less than 25mph, they are unnecessry. The best ways to increase safe bicycle ridership are to provide bike paths (adjacent to high speed routes) or bike sharrows, bike routes, or (best of all) bicycle boulevards where vehicle trafic is less tha 25mph. We lost a wonderfuol opportunity to provide such a facility on the Venetian Causeway.


  8. Craig says:

    The FDOT is flying directly into the headwind of reality. Do we need to demonstrate to get our message across?

    I would love to stop the McArthur, Brickell and Biscayne projects dead in their tracks one day to demand that the FDOT make these projects safe for everyone, both during and after construction!


  9. Rick says:

    “This could happen to anyone of us…”

    Not me. I refuse to ride my bicycle on the streets of South Florida.

    While FDOT’s apparent lack of concern may be frustrating, what’s worse and more dangerous to South Florida cyclists in my mind is South Florida drivers. No bike path, sharrow or wide shoulder is going to protect anyone from the 25-year-old driver who is texting or the 40-year-old who is busy trying to find his favorite radio station or the 70-year-old who can’t see your flashing bike light. And let’s not even talk about the third worlders who have driven on gravel or mud roads most of their lives or the Lambo driver who thinks that the Rickenbacker is his personal Nurnburing.

    South Florida drivers suck. Pure and simple. And FDOT can’t do squat about that.



  10. Felipe Azenha says:

    The FDOT can design roads that discourage speeding. Instead they design roads that encourage dangerous behavior. There is a lot more the FDOT could be doing. Their apathy is clearly apparent. They don’t care about pedestrians and cyclists. I can give you 100 different examples.


  11. Rick says:


    I acknowledged FDOT’s role in this issue. But for me, South Florida drivers present a much more clear and present danger to cyclists. Yes, you can redesign roads, lower speed limits and even up enforcement efforts, but the problem remains that South Florida drivers are horrible.



  12. Felipe Azenha says:

    Sorry Rick… gotta disagree with you. Properly designed roads encourage better driving behavior.


  13. jack says:

    was it another drunk driver?


  14. Craig says:

    Rick, respectfully disagree too. Bogota, Colombia has transformed itself from one of the most bike-hostile to bike-friendly cities in the continent. Read here about how it’s happened.


    NYC has been a similar story. Why? Local officials that have committed to making roads useable for more than just gas-fueled vehicles through intelligent road design and infrastructure.


  15. Rick Scott says:

    Are you sure the facts are correct? Miami Herald is reporting the opposite on the fatality.



  16. Felipe Azenha says:

    I spoke with two people that were on the MacArthur shortly after the crash. One of them spoke to a Miami Beach Police officer and another spoke to a Florida State Trooper. Both of the Transit Miami sources were told by the police officers that a cyclist was killed.


  17. Verena says:

    What can we do as residents of South Florida to accelerate change for alternatives to commuting via car? We need options such as viable public transit and ability to safely ride our bicycles on the streets.


  18. Craig says:

    Verena, start by an e-mail, phone call all and/or visit to your local City Comissioner, County Comissioner, FDOT Secretary, Department of Public Works, and Mayors office. It WILL make a difference!


  19. bane says:

    i am riding my bike on the causeway almost every day. One day, i made it a point to observe the drivers flying by…Easily more than 50 percent were either talking on the phone, texting or involved in some other activity (taking pictures of Star/Hibiscus Island !!!) while driving warp speed.
    Needless to say that it is very dangerous to ride the bike on 395. My idea, reduce the speed limit to 40 and install speed traps (radar and camera). Fine those speeding imbeciles and maybe things will change. Furthermore, think of the additional revenue created. It works in Europe, why not here!


  20. Fred says:

    One consideration would be to take out your cellphone and take a short video of every one you see texting and driving or talking on a cell phone. All cities are now very busy installing cameras at intersections and they defend the program stating that it is for safety. You know what: It works!. I see people trying their damnest to avoid getting stuck in the “box” to avoid a red light violation ticket. If the excuse used at the Florida Legislation to support these “unwitnessed violations” is that they promote safety, we should be able to have the entire cycling community set up a network of video cameras at dangerous spots and report these irresponsible drivers.


  21. Ben says:

    As long as I have known Miami and it’s roads there has been danger. As a cyclist I see it closer now, I worry that each day I ride it may be my last. The last time my kids will see me alive, for something I love to do!! I have always ridden, it’s in my blood. But this city has no respect for us and seemingly little for itself(why would there be so much opposition to the red light cameras??).
    With no serious charges being filed, for the wrongful deaths of cyclists here, and the FL approach to public safety and fair share of the roads, why would any driver who knowingly drives in such a way have any reason to change their ways? I am disgusted and will leave to a safer cycling environment…believe it or not….NYC!! there they actually have laws for cyclists. When everyone can be ticketed, shit happens. Here NOT.


  22. Ben says:

    Nobody should ever ride their bike on the Mac Arthur Causeway… Period. It has never been a safe route! Why the FDOT even thought that “might” be a safe route is beyond me?….But unfortunately with the Venetian causeway looking more like the surface of the Moon, it is a tough choice. Death by car or death by car….Ooooh I don’t know which I like better?


  23. Felipe Azenha says:

    As absurd as this may sound, the MacArthur Causeway is designated by the FDOT as a “Bike Route”. Apparently the FDOT thinks it’s safe enough for even children to ride here. They don’t see a problem with cars flying by cyclists in excess of 80 mph.


  24. Concerned Bicyclist says:

    We need to start with the city of Bal Harbour which has attempted to ban bicyclists from the safety of the sidewalk on dangerous A1A. Their illegal ordinance is a blatant violation of section 316.2065 (10), Florida Statutes, which guarantees a cyclist the same right as a pedestrian to operate a bicycle on Florida sidewalks.


  25. bane says:

    How many people have to die before those corrupt bastards change things?. Its consistent with everything else that has been going on in Miami. Our streets have been invaded by lawless hoodlums, beaches drowning in trash and cigarette buds… hardly anyone gives a s%#$! I have been an activist for years now and i am slowly giving up. Trying to do something good for the environment by riding my bike, recycling and trying to preserve our beautiful beaches to no avail. We are truly outnumbered by people who just dont care!!


  26. Tracy says:

    Update on the crash which occured on Thursday morning on key Biscayne…we received the police report yesterday and it is VERY frustrating as the driver was ticketed for a “failure to yield to oncoming traffic while making a left hand turn” and failure to wear corrective lenses as per the restriction on his drivers license. There was NOTHING on the accident report about him leaving the scene of the accident and there was never a ticket issued for hitting a cyclist. The diagram on the accident report clearly shows the car hit the cyclist and then drove off right past the cyclist. We must do something about this-it is awful to think this driver and others like him can away with something so awful and dangerous and not suffer the consequences immediately!


  27. Rena says:

    I wanted to get in touch with everyone and let you know that my boyfriend is the person that was hit by a car while bicycling on the McArthur Causeway on April 17, 2011. We live in Ohio. We were was on vaction in South Beach when this tragedy occured. It was initially reported that he was killed. He did not die but was gravely injured. It has been 15 1/2 months and he is slowly recovering. The guy that hit him was drunk at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. The trial is set for August 20th. I would like to get the word out to the media. We need to make people aware of how dangerous the streets are in Miami and how things need to be changed to make it safer for bicylist. Anything you can do to get the word out will be appreciated.


  28. Thank you for the follow up, Rena. We’ll do our best to spread the word. We wish your boyfriend the best in his recovery.


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