Miami is a community of communities, and nowhere is that more true than among our cycling and walking advocates. South Florida is home to hundreds of walking groups, racing teams, transit advocates and mobility activists… the list goes on. The horrible death of Mr. Christophe Lacanne, witnessed by hundreds of people traveling along the county’s Rickenbacker Causeway last week, has united our groups with the desire to make a statement and prevent accidents like this in the future.

There is a lot to be angry about.

  • All County residents should be concerned by the jurisdictional confusion that left Mr. Lacanne lying in the street for nearly half an hour while a Fire-Rescue truck sat less than 5 miles away.
  • Anyone who uses our roadways should be shocked by the number of comments on the Miami Herald website illustrating a basic lack of familiarity with road rules and DMV guidelines.
  • Cyclists want to know why our county designed a roadway where cars are encouraged to speed (by design) directly alongside a bicycle lane where speeds are typically 15-25mph.
  • Lastly, how does a young man with over 40 traffic violations, a violent criminal record and a public persona that celebrated poor driving habits and no valid driver’s license still be able to drive his own car?

Thanks to those who responded in words and deeds, writing and calling our leaders to share these concerns, our politicians are responding.

Today, at 5pm, County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez will have a public meeting in his Downtown Miami Office to meet with constituents.

Mayor Alvarez has not issued a statement but his staff says that he is working with the Fire-Rescue department to address these issues.

In the City of Miami: Calls to Mayor Regalado’s office have not been returned. Commissioner Sarnoff is out of town on business, but we anticipate his response upon his return tomorrow.

Have you reached out to your local leaders or FDOT? We want to hear what feedback you have received. Please share your comments by clicking on the title of this posting and then scrolling to the bottom of the page.


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6 Responses to Community Unites in Response to Cyclist’s Death

  1. anon says:

    Anyone non-citizen with “40 traffic violations, a violent criminal record and a public persona that celebrated poor driving habits” should be deported. What an a**hole.

  2. anon2 says:

    the accused is now out on bail and is known to be a flight risk. in this case, once again, it appears that money is talking and bulls**t is walking…right out the court door, onto an airplane, and never to be heard from again.

    the fact that the accused has no moral compass and did not stop to see what damage he might have wreaked is, sadly, totally beside the point. he has destroyed a family (the cyclist’s) and have invariably damaged another (his own). how many more cyclists have to die at the hands of reckless and/or aggressive and/or careless and/or drunk drivers for the city/county/state/country to take heed? these are almost always preventable deaths and the dead are penalized for being on bikes. that’s it.

    the vitriol and finger-pointing surrounding this tragic episode is staggering. let’s cut through that anger and turn the energy toward making some permanent positive changes for the great good.

    join the show of strength on sunday: “South Florida Triathletes joins forces with Bike Miami Days, Safe Ride in KB, Miami Critical Mass and this Sunday morning and having a “Ride Safe in memoriam of Christopher Lecanne”.

    Meeting location: Key Biscayne across the Mast Academy
    Meeting time: 8:30am
    Start time: 9:00am

    This would be a single loop up to the Village of KB and finishing at our starting place at a slow pace. Same as the “Ride of Silence”.,,

  3. Jose Castio says:

    Club Space. Was the driver at Club Space getting wasted before he killed the biker?

  4. John W says:

    @ Jose Castio

    One issue here is that the very nature of Miami makes it a recipe for disaster. It is a party city, where clubs are open until dusk, 365 days a year. Everyone here drives, there is little or no mass transit. If you add to the fact that Miami is home to an extremely high count of sociopathic assholes who simply do not consider other people, along with a complete lack of law enforcement, you really do end up with a huge problem (this is a foregone conclusion).

    DUI is too socially acceptable in Miami and that’s the main problem. Locals here know that most of the police won’t do s**t and they know their friends won’t frown upon them for getting behind the wheel s**tfaced. Look at how many clubs and bars here have parking lots…crazy, huh? Obviously they don’t care that their customers are leaving their establishments s**tface drunk to drive home. The police don’t seem to care much either, as I only ever see FHP pulling people over, not Miami-Dade cops.

  5. TM reader says:

    Please add the City of Coral Gables and Miami Beach commissioners to your site and update the City of Miami- if you’ve been under a rock they lost a few commissioners.

  6. Tim Balsam says:

    Club Space certainly is involved in many deaths. Open 24/7. Of course Club Space’s customers (addicts) will drive drunk. It is a miracle Club Space is not publicized killing more tourists.

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