We’ve spent considerable time talking about the merits of bike-sharing programs, offering particularly high praise for Paris’s Velib. However, it may seem like a fantasy as most of these programs are only available overseas. Fortunately, here is a great video that shows bike-sharing in Paris is very real. It explains how it works, from security to maintenance and everything in between.

I definitely recommend checking it out, so you have a better understanding of the system and can clearly describe it at planning/bike workshops.


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One Response to Bike-Sharing: Revealed

  1. Verticus S. Erectus says:

    Thanks for posting the video. That was informing and exciting. I’d love to see it brought to Miami. I like the fact that it is something that can be done without getting government involved- besides their blessings, i.e. it is a private company supported by advertising. Why don’t you make this your pet project? Make a concerted effort to lobby for this by any means necessary instead of just blogging about it.

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