Miami International Airport’s new South Terminal (H & J) is slated to begin opening for travelers tomorrow, beginning what will become a two month transition process for 19 of the airport’s airlines. This terminal is state of the art, a masterfully designed showpiece in an otherwise outdated airport. If there is ever a time to use that ridiculous phrase that seems to be constantly misused, some would say this terminal is “world class.” Yes folks, it could be that impressive. For once, it seems that MIA will no longer sit high among the worst airports in the Nation list. The $1.1 Billion terminal is designed to process 2,000 passengers an hour through 3 security checkpoints and advanced (post 9-11 security measures) baggage handling and receiving stations. It will also feature $9.4 million of art and 49 new retail/dining facilities.

See it for yourself:South Terminal Baggage Claim Area.Art:Everglades floor art (Mysterious how they keep disappearing as we continue to pave over them isn’t it?)

Also, the Iconic MIAMI wall

  • Meanwhile, Aeromexico, one of the South Terminal’s new inhabitants, recently announced it would end its Ft. Lauderdale service…
  • Emirates Airlines will be visiting MIA on September 6th…Miami-Dubai Service coming soon?

Update: Alex’s View, though he clearly hasn’t visited the disaster known as Heathrow or walked the infinite corridors throughout Barajas…Not two of the airport’s we’d use to compare ourselves to…


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5 Responses to MIA South Terminal

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. MIA all the way! says:

    H’row as one the world’s best airports, ugh. Give me MIA anyday. I don’t care what anyone says I love MIA, the closeness of the bus terminal. Yea, the rental car area is third world, but the city is just a short bus ride to coral gables, trial rail (when it is actually moving), and best of all you can drive right up to it. DC National, LAX, and MIA are on my list. Why everyone wants more shopping in MIA is beyond me, even today it is better than JFK and Schiphol which is just a shopping mall with an airport attached as a after thought. I hate the way young women try to give you shopping guides in Schiphol. I could do without the sergio pino cuban mafia corruption at MIA however.

  3. Alex says:

    FYI Gabriel, I’ve been in both Heathrow and Barajas and more than once. I don’t talk about what I don’t know. And I personally didn’t find either one as hellish as MIA can be, although obviously I use MIA a lot more.

    In any case I’m not commenting about their functionality (“disaster”, “infinite corridors”) but the architectural quality of the recently opened terminal at Barajas and the proposed Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Both have been awarded significant prizes (Barajas Stirling prize 2006) and heralded as significant architectural achievements. I don’t think the new South Terminal raises to those standards.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does it still take 30-45 minutes for the first suitcase to show up in the carousel AFTER the passengers have already begun to arrive at the carousel to wait? The only airport I’ve ever seen that’s slower than MIA is LAX… and LAX’s problem is just the fact that they have too many flights and too few carousels. MIA’s baggage handlers are just slow. Oh, right. They need to screen the incoming baggage for terr^h^h^h^hdrugs first…

  5. Talking about MIA they have a lot of places prior to security. My favorite is the cuban restaurant. Can’t remember the name but its near the burger king prior to security checkpoint. The food there is the best. Another good restaurant is the caribbean spot past the food court.

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