Brickell Avenue and SW 15th Road was the scene of yet another accident on Wednesday.  During the past two years I have personally seen the advertising board/bench at this intersection hit by speeding vehicles at least four different occasions. FDOT needs to stop dragging their feet and do something about the absurdly high speed limit before someone is killed. How many more accidents do we need before FDOT reacts?

I received the below email from our friends over at the Brickell Homeowners Association.  The person who witnessed this accident preferred to remain anonymous.

“Dear BHA,

I have reason to write-in very concerned about pedestrian safety after an incident that occurred just hours ago on Brickell Ave near my home.

As I was driving East on Broadway Ave (SE 15th Rd) right in front of St. Jude Church, I heard a terrible crash behind me. A Toyota Corolla was smashed against the pole that carries the Walk/Stop screen at the South/West corner of Brickell Ave and Broadway. A Jaguar was smashed against the traffic light pole on the island on the West side of Broadway. I stopped my car and ran over to the site of the accident where 2 ladies were shaken-up and hurt by their exploding air bags. The ladies will most likely be ok; the cars will most likely be declared a total loss. After calling 911 and waiting for rescue teams to arrive, I looked around and came to a chilling realization: I have been at the same exact corner where the Corolla was smashed many times with my baby son, waiting for the light to change. Many of those times I have instinctively stepped back a few feet, frightened by the speed of the cars. How fast were these cars going if air bags were deployed and the cars were so damaged? What would have happened if someone was standing at that corner?

After spending some time on your site, I’ve become aware that the BHA has also expressed concern re: pedestrian safety in this section of Brickell, most recently with the mid-block crosswalk at 1770 Brickell Ave. and the lack of awareness regarding this crosswalk. The reason this crosswalk is not effective, and the reason such terrible accidents keep occurring at the aforementioned intersection, is that the speed limit (40mph) is set way too high for the amount of cars and pedestrians in the area, not to mention that drivers routinely go over this limit.  Nobody is going to stop for a flashing light when they are going 50mph, and managing/obeying traffic lights at that speed is difficult and subjective. The Brickell Ave. area between 26th Road and SE 14th St, has become a speedway for cars in both directions and is a tragedy waiting to happen. Moreover, I have never seen police enforcing the speed limit. What has to happen for someone to do something?”

If you would like a safer Brickell Avenue, please sign this letter and feel free to send it directly to FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus.Pego@DOT.STATE.FL.US.


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One Response to FDOT Continues to Play Pedestrian Russian Roulette on Brickell Avenue

  1. Jessica M. says:

    Road diets are much more effective and safer than reducing speed limits. People will drive with whatever speed they feel comfortable, and that is due to the design of the road.


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