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Intentional Hit and Run Injures Bicyclist on Miami Beach

Friend of Tranist Miami Kenneth Bereski was injured on Wednesday night after a green Mini Cooper convertible with dark side stripes intentionally hit him. Here’s how the incident occurred according to Ken:

It started when the guy tried to use the bike lane as a right turn lane on 16th and Alton. After honking at me to move and me pointing out that it was a bike lane, when the light turned green and I didn’t immediately move he got upset. Words were exchanged, ending with him accelerating to hit me. I swerved into another lane between cars. He followed partially, just enough to hit me and send my bike flying. He then swerved back into the turn lane to run straight through a red light to escape. The actual hit and run occurred on Alton Road and 17th street by the movie theater”

Although Ken is doing OK, he’s got an emergency room bill to pay, is unable to work, and his bike which he relies on for transportation is totaled. If caught, the driver will face battery with a motor vehicle.

If you have any information on possible suspects, please let us know.  Ken said he would be able to identify the driver.  This crime deserves a punishment.

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  1. Becky says:

    I hope they find the guy, this is horrible! Wow!

  2. Dude says:

    Checked to see if there are any surv. cameras in the area that might have captured the incident and plate?

  3. Anonymous says:

    police report, I hope?

  4. Ken says:

    Called 911 immediately, police showed up 45 minutes later to generate a case number and had me wait at the scene for 6 hours until the CSU came to take photos. The actual incident occurred at 1:45 - I just didn’t get to leave the scene until after 8. Then I went to the hospital to get checked out - although I checked myself out - business is struggling and medical bills would be the last straw. As it stands this incident may not be one I can recover from financially due to lost revenue. I like the surveillance camera idea, and will have to check that out. I appreciate any help that can be provided by the folks on here in locating the responsible driver. Beyond my situation, if he gets away with this crime, he is more likely to do it again. His next victim may not survive. This was a cold-blooded attempt on my life

  5. Asshat. I’ll pass this along the Miami Beach Bikeways Committee and City Hall folks involved to see if it can spur some info among those they know.

  6. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    This boils my blood! Motorists already have full run of the streets, as they are clearly the majority, and the one little sliver of lane that we bicyclists get, they want that too? This is beyond insanity. I am sick of South Floridians and their horrendous driving habits.

    Is there anyway we can set up a website to collect funds for Ken?

  7. Ken says:

    Rog, I definitely appreciate the thought regarding collecting funds. I believe any donations would be better towards efforts to improve the safety of the roads for all of us. Unfortunately I was not the first cyclist to be a victim, nor will I be the last. In fact, I am hoping that I will be healed enough to get back on my bike and ride the memorial critical mass ride this week. Once I am healed I will have to work extra hard to get new clients to make up for this past week or so, and hopefully with everyone heres help, when the responsible party is found I can deal with my financial losses with him and his attorney. So please keep an eye out for that mini cooper

  8. Eddie says:

    Sorry about the accident, brother. Get well, and hope your finances soar back to cruise flight level.

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  13. Ken says:

    Apparently the City of Miami Beach has a street facing ‘traffic’ camera on the 2nd floor of the Regal Cinemas… it is very likely that this camera captured the incident, or at the very least, captured to driver fleeing the scene. Anybody have any ideas how I can get access to that footage? Any help is greatly appreciated

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  15. Try calling the MB Police Dept with your case number and see how far that goes. Also send an email if possible, and if you do, let me know so I can forward it to the Bikeways Committee as well, see if that helps in some way.

  16. Roger says:

    Ken, I’m not sure if this is still the case but such video footage may be over-written on a regular basis… time would be of the essence in recovering it. Good luck.

  17. Ken says:

    Update on the case: MBPD has assigned a detective. Unfortunately the detective has not returned any of my calls. When I went to the police station nearly a week ago, the officer I spoke with assured me that I need not worry about the footage being overwritten… but as its been nearly two weeks and the police have not even updated me as to the status of this case, and I’ve been advised that only the police would have the ability to request access to said footage, I am extremely worried that it may have already been overwritten. On the subject of the police… I think I need to start emailing the detective as well so that my efforts can be documented. Now to find her address

    I am healing, actually got back on a bike for the first time since the incident on Friday evening. I was bummed I wasn’t up for critical mass, but I went for a short ride to see if I can start working again. The answer? Maybe. It hurt like hell, but then again being bruised all over, lots of things hurt right now. I think I’m going to have to try to get back into the swing of things Monday… my business definitely can’t afford being crippled any longer than it already has. I’ve relied on my network (friends and clients) to provide what health care I can get for now. Hoping I can find this guy, cause I really think I should be fully looked at. Worried about the possibility of minor concussion or other non visible injuries that I may have sustained… but I think I will be OK

    My next steps (beyond trying to get back to work) are finding more information on that camera and also swinging by the local fishing spots to find that car… when he hit me, there were two fishing rods hanging out of the back seat

    Thank you all for your concern and your help, and ride safe out there


  18. Ken, go to my website and use the contact form to email me. I’d like to forward your message to the Bikeways Committee to see if they can be of any further help.

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