Bicyclists Beware: Rickenbacker/Bird Road Proposals Threaten Safety

I just sat down to give you all an update from this month’s MPO Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting, however John Hopkins over at Spokes n’ Folks has done a marvelous job summarizing the most controversial aspects of the meeting. Please visit his blog to find out two proposals, one for the Rickenbacker Causeway (with two options), and one for the intersection of Bird Road and S. Dixie Highway.

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  1. 1 Felipe A. in Brazil...

    M-Path is a joke. A ´path` implies a level of service with continuity. Although, I do think the Bird Road intersection is the most dangerous intersection on the M-path, just about every intersection is hazardous. The current approach of improving the M-Path is very piecemeal. We need to revamp and address M-Path in its entirety. There needs to be a new master plan drawn up. For the most part, the M-path needs to be torn-up and redesigned.

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